Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Out of Hibernation

The bear is awake and she's groggy and hungry and disoriented. Yup that's me. After 16 years since my last job, I am on the prowl once more for gainful employment. I know, I know, I should just take it easy right? All my kids are off to school. I've been doing this forever. So why not rest? Truth is I'd love to but I have a debt to pay, a student debt that I incurred when I was still Christian and a college student. Due to discrimination I never really got a real job and haven't been able to pay off my loan. I've been just sigh an old Muslim woman in the shoe. Hey according to society its nothing and doesn't pay the bills or off debts. So here I am leaving the cave and I haven't got a clue what I am doing. Resume, check. References, sort of check. Trip to the employment centre, check. Interview workshop, check. Calling potential employees, check. Applying for a few jobs, check. Joining LinkedIn, check. Getting nowhere, check. Ok I'm still a newb in a way because  its been so long, the world has changed. I graduated from Advertising in 1991. I know some of you reading this weren't even born yet. Picture a world of giant computers,floppy disks,no cellphones and MC Hammer pants. Are you gasping yet? Good. So anyway I am embarking on my journey. I'm looking for some honey to sweeten my pot and maybe a fish or two. But the bees are all dying I've heard and the fish are becoming depleted. 2014 is a new world to be traversed. If you have any job search tips for an old woman, I'm all ears. Ready to claw myself up the ladder.