Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Logo Gift

No that isn't a typo! For Eid I was gifted a logo by my son and daughter. I also have a new website to promote my book and my writing! It was quite a shock on Eid when my son showed me my website on his TV screen in front of everyone! Who knew what these kids were up to? Apparently they did it quite quickly too. You can check it out at Christine Dupuis .com. After that they told me that they had contacted Farhana Faruq (you may know her as Sketched Soul from her blog)  to design a logo for me. All I had to do was collaborate with her and ta da, a new logo would be created. I played with the idea of using my blog name here and a logo with a shoe but then I thought my readers wouldn't really find me as they now knew me by my real name because of my book  and plus with my new website too, I decided to use my real name on the logo. So, then, I thought about what design details I would want in my logo. Of course I chose a book, but then, I needed something to show how it was written. I told her to give me samples of different writing implements along with a book. I chose what appealed to me and then I thought I wanted to show something about my kids, since I wasn't using the shoe anymore, so I came up with the idea of stars coming out of the book. We kept tweaking it with different sizes, colours, positions, fonts and experimenting with 2D vs 3D until after consultations with my family I finally made my choice. So voila!

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