Thursday, September 11, 2014

What would happen if you sat beside me?

We're not in grade school anymore right? Well when you convert to Islam it feels like you are plunked right back there. This month I will have been a Muslim for 23 yrs insha Allah. When you convert you lose your friends and family least that's what happened to most GenX converts. BabyEcho converts have chill parents that used to be hippies so it plays out a bit differently. But then you think hey there will be replacements. Not so much. You go to the mosque and no one wants to sit with you. You are not from their country, do not speak their language, are not engaged in their country's politics etc etc. You go out into the world and your countrymen don't want to sit with you either. They think you are a foreigner, a terrorist. You spend your new life sitting alone, being alone. At first its are deeply involved in learning Islam. You are in love with it. But then? What would happen if you sat beside me? Would the world end? Or would you make a friend? The other day I saw a woman and her daughter from the library and told my daughter to say hi. She did and also sat with them leaving me alone like a freak. My daughter said would you like to sit with my mother (my daughter is 5) and the woman said and did nothing. Then at the park I was sitting on a bench with room beside me but a mom/grandma avoided the bench and went to sit on the....curb. Really? What would happen if you sat with me? I promise I don't bite. Before becoming Muslim I don't ever remember being shunned like this..well the popular girls like to play that game but I just ignored them; I had my own friends. But now when everyone shuns you it becomes glaringly obvious. You know you don't even have to talk, just sit next to me. Would it hurt you? Seriously? How bad could it be? Half my life (almost) I 've been Christian and half my life I've been Muslim. So either way I could easily talk to anyone. I always have in fact and have never been afraid to sit with you. Now come sit with me.