Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butterfly Mosque-Last Day

This is the last day of September and everyone has finished reading the book now so let's talk!  I'll throw out some questions.

What did you think of the title and how it applied to the story?

What did you think of the author's style?

What did you think of her conversion story?

What did you think of her sojourn in Egypt?

What if anything struck you about her story?

Would you read a sequel if she wrote one?

What would you ask her to include in such a sequel?

The book is not in my hands now so I will have to go by memory with this. The first thing though that struck me when I opened the book is that she got funding from Canada even though she is an American. I'd like to know the story behind that. So let's begin!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Malay Eid Party

Do these ever end? Nah, I don't mind. Sunday found me attending another eid party. There were two rooms so I claimed one for the kids so I could keep my eye on them. Other kids joined too but they were bigger. There was a lot of food but it tasted different from the way Kelantanese cook. There were Kelantanese there but one made cake, one bought biryani, we brought drinks and I'm not sure about the other one. I was glad they had pizza though which the kids and I filled up on, lol. We saw a mat salleh in a baju melayu and I wondered if I'd missed a wedding or something but turns out I didn't.  There was a Quran recitation competition but I was in the room so didn't hear it. The host gave out gifts and I was so happy because it turned out they were Islamic books; GoodWord books. The baby got a dua book that dd3 is borrowing to learn while at her weekly class. She also got a Tell Me About Musa book which we already owned. Ds4 got an interesting books called What is Jannah  which is written by Salma Umm Zainab, a convert who was homeschooling her daughter and wanted her to learn the beauty of Islam. The other kids got Islamic colouring books and a book called Allah and Me,Learning to Live Allah's Way which has lessons about being a muslim in daily life. Dd4 got a book about Eid that included how Malaysians celebrate Eid and had a picture of the Shah Alam Mosque. I was suprised because most books just talk about Arabs, Pakistanis/Indians and Turks. We had to leave early after that to go and get halal meat and visit our daughter (dd2) and drop off  the order my sister got from my daughter's website handmade beginnings. We brought some food for dd2 though and I thought to myself that next time I should bring Tupperware! Carrying soggy paper plates on my lap is not my idea of fun.  All in all a great day but very tiring.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

C-c-c-cold at Canada's Wonderland!

After 19 yrs I finally went back to Canada's Wonderland. Why so long? Well its a case of so many kids, so little money. But they have specials at the end of the season so we went. And now I know why! Although I was just swimming a couple of days ago when we got to Vaughn there was a bit of a chill in the air in the morning but it was still nice. I saw people wearing winter clothes and I wondered why. Well I soon found out; the north wind and rain started and by the afternoon I was so cold even wearing jilbab (summer cotton though) and I ended up with a headache. So did dh. The kids sure had fun though and they were just fine even though underdressed for the weather. Dd4 discovered that she loves roller coasters (kiddy ones) and thought it was hilarious that I didn't. And its probably the reason I ended up with a stomach ache which later at night led to vomiting. Oh joy! But I still had a good time earlier on and was glad that ds1 and dd1 along with their spouses and daughter showed up to join us. Things have really changed there; its bigger, they have new rides, they have security (metal detectors and picture id), an outdoor eating tent, people taking your pictures for a charge not to mention cameras taking your pictures on different rides for the low, low price of $12 a pose.  I had so many thoughts and emotions when I was there. The last time I had come there I wasn't muslim and I just had ds1 and dd1 with me. I hardly saw any muslims either there but this time there was a lot. The last time I was there I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of MC Hammer pants and this time hijab and jilbab! The last time I was a single mother of 2 and this time a married mother of 10. Sadly dd2 couldn't make it though because she was working so I only had 9 of my kids with me. The last time I went it was smack dab in the middle of summer so I was not c-c-c-cold and never got sick. Do I want to be my old self that I re-discovered when I went back there? No, I'm happy to be muslim and married. I'm happy to be me. Alhumdullilah.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Burrowing animals

DD4 who is in grade 1 and homeschooling is fascinated by burrowing animals. I got her a lot of library books about it including one called Its Moving Day about different animals who end up all living in the same hole at various times for various reasons. I decided to do a craft to go with this. To make this follow these instructions.

Materials: toilet paper roll, popsicle stick or pipe cleaner, construction paper, scissors, glue or tape

1. Draw a circle ( you can use the toilet paper roll to do this.)

2. Draw some ears (you can use the top part of the scissors as a template)
3. Cut both out.
4. Tape or glue the ears on.
5. Tape or glue the head onto the stick or pipe cleaner.
6. Stick your rabbit through the hole (toilet paper roll).

My kids love this. Great peek-a-boo game. ds5(4 yrs old) made one too but I had to do the cutting part.

Parting of the Red Sea model

This is great to show to your kids. Read the story of Musa(a.s.) to them and how he parts the Red Sea in his escape then show them this model of what scientists think happened. Ask your kids what they think.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tae Kwon Do or No?

My master seems to have vanished into thin air! I haven't found her at our local dojo and her phone is disconnected! She also hasn't contacted us. Looks like I'll have to track her down in the next city. We've met some others students as well who have no idea what's going on. Hmmm...the plot thickens. So I have no idea if we'll be taking Tae Kwon Do this year.

Still swimming.

I think this summer will go on record as the longest ever in Ontario. Officially summer starts on June 21st but we got summer temperatures in May and they haven't let up. Yesterday was 29 degrees and I was still swimming! Masha Allah. Are you still swimming or signed up for ladies swimming this fall? Don't forget to check out and order an al sharifa bathing suit (see ad on my blog)  and use the code shoe10 to get a 10% discount. Al-sharifa now has longer styles too. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

The Butterfly Mosque - Let's Talk

Has everyone finished reading the book yet? Insha Allah I will be passing it along to my daughter this weekend. We can start now or wait till the 30th to make sure everyone has finished. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How ya like me now?

I got sick of the old template especially the colour so I applied this new one. Meanwhile my daughter is making me a custom one but I don't know when it will be ready and I can't stand looking at the old one so here is the new one. I think its more fresh and readable. I might make some other changes too. Its autumn so it inspires changes, so I will follow this mood. Hope its a good change for my readers as well.

Sakina Design Wall Art

I first saw this company featured in Azizah if my memory serves me correctly. The is an environmentally friendly company which makes Islamic wall art and cards. I find them simple and beautiful. They would go very nicely with the Islamic wall stickers in my last post.

Islamic Wall Stickers

I' m not a big fan of wall stickers because they usually look tacky to me and I keep envisioning future decorating shows with home owners complaining about the wall art left behind. But I found this online business from Malaysia which sells Islamic wall stickers and it looked quite nice especially the way they contrast with  the background paint colours. I don't know any business which is selling these though and I'm sure you don't want to order a thousand of them but it might be a good idea for muslim business owners to stock them before the trend dies out. Would you decorate with these or any other stickers?

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm feeling better, alhumdullilah.

There's a new woman in the next city who took the same course as my daughter : Al Huda. Some of you may be familiar with it. She is teaching women in the day and children at night the Quran. Alhumdullilah for this woman, may Allah bless her Amin. Her husband is also in contact with the owner of the Islamic school so maybe one fair day I will get some more info about the school.  She is also going to be teaching word for word Quran on top of tajweed but on different days. Since I live far from her she said she could teach me the word for word part over the phone insha Allah. My children have learned at her house once and the husband was teaching the boys while she and her daughter taught the girls. Alhumdullilah there are such families that do things for the sake of God.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two Open Houses

Last week we were informed about two very different open houses. The first we were invited to was one at a Malaysians house hours away. The second was for the new Islamic school opening up in the next city. We had fun at the Malaysian open house but I was a little disappointed that we missed the tour/bbq at the Islamic school. The place finally opens its doors and we miss it. They also have still not answered my latest email so I could have at least gotten some of questions answered. A new lady in the next city did tell me  though that they would be opening in October and that the price would $250 a month which is the cheapest price I've ever heard quoted for an Islamic school in Canada. The going rate is usually $3-400. Apparently the boarders will be charged $500 a month. Back to the Malaysian open house I got to see an old friend who is about to return back to Saudi as her husband will continue working there.There were a lot less students there than the open house last week and more old fogies like us, lol. Before we got there,there had been a family with 6 kids that we wanted to meet but unfortunately they had already left. I did get to meet their daughter though but she was really quiet. Maybe she didn't know english that well yet. I tried to get her to play with my 10 yr old but she didn't seem interested and just sat with the old women. Kind of boring for a 12 yr old! One guy started mentioning the dangers of facebook and I chimed in that I had quit last year. Yes I'm a rebel. For me it had turned into fake/fight book so I said adios. There's a movie coming out about the guy and I'm not forking over any dough for that, that's for sure.  After the open house we stopped by to bring dd2 the missing items she forgot to pack and also her bike. I also brought her a plate of food from the open house including curry puffs. She mentioned that the majority of muslims in the MSA are arabs and they are not being very inclusive towards her. I was surprised because usually the young people are very open-minded. Insha Allah she will make some friends. She said there were only 3 Pakistanis. And there are no malays; the last ones left last year.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Islamic homeschool curriculum

I found this while searching for links for grade 1 homeschooling curriculum for muslims. I don't know if they sell it in Canada though. They look like a well thought out series. Has anyone tried them? How about ad-duha? Then there is IQRA.  And let's not forget the Islamic School Book series by Susan Douglass. My oldest kids used IQRA a lot even outside of homeschooling. Also used Islam for Children a lot for my older kids. Has anyone tried the Eeman reading series?

October Book Club Pick Reminder

Insha Allah you are all enjoying The Butterfly Mosque or anticipating it. This is just a reminder so you can get ready for next month's pick :The Size of  a Mustard Seed. I've been wanting to read this for quite some time and it was also suggested by one of my readers.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Childhood, Good Life

One thing that raised muslims generally can't relate to when it comes to converts is that many of them were raised poorly by not very loving parents. They can never understand why we are not constantly on each other's doorsteps. Whereas a raised muslim feels no qualms about calling or visiting their parents constantly and knows their parents will always recieve them with open arms a convert usually unless they are lucky and come from one of those good families will think twice. Islam fills a void in our life when we convert but like the book says adults that were raised poorly are always trying to make up for the love they never got from their parents. The book's advice is basically to acknowledge your pain but keep a safe distance from these parents but not necessarily cut them off (islam doesn't allow that anyway) but to try to concentrate on the good people in our lives now and in being good to people. Easier said than done. What's doubly hard for a convert is how people are so unkind to us which just brings back all those old feelings. Your own people hate you because you are muslim now and the raised muslims are indifferent or worse hostile to you because you are not from their country. But basically we have to get up and be good everyday despite the unkind behaviour of others. We have to fight the good fight and be the better person. Allah give us the strength. Amin.

A Tale of Two Purple Jilbabs

Well actually the first one is not really a jilbab but a prayer garment but I'm wearing it as one and no one is going to stop me. The first one is from Shukr and can be seen here. It comes in different colours but I chose purple which seems to be sold out in all countries.  The second one is actually a jilbab and can be seen here and its from Masoomah. Here are the pros and cons.

Comes in nice colours.
Lightweight for the summer.
Has an amazing wrap around hijab (you can just throw this on when the postman comes.)
Its nursing friendly.
One size fits all.
Nice material.
Wudu friendly.


A little long for walking but its made this way because its a prayer garment.

* I got lots of compliments wearing this at the mosque.



1.Comes in nice colours.
2. Lightweight for the summer.
3. Nursing friendly.
4. Has great style: looks like a dress.
5. Has pockets.
6. They will customize it to your exact size.


1. The sleeves are so tight that you can't roll them up for wudu.
2. Its long and they didn't seem to hem it but I could be wrong.

* I haven't worn this one yet but its going to have to be my go on quick errands jilbab since its not wudu friendly.

Public School Vs. Homeschool

This is from the Deen Show. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I don't feel like it.....

You would probably think my kids would be whining this but its me. I'm in a funk. I don't feel like my authentic self. Homeschooling is something I haven't even started and I'm not even looking forward to it. I don't feel like teaching. I feel like I should be taught! Of course I can teach ABC's but I mean the Quranic arabic/islamic part. Not growing up a muslim and having no muslim relatives and then not being taught at the mosque it just makes me feel hostile and incompetent to teach my own kids. Plus I never chose to homeschool in the first place. The situation made it happen. A situation I don't want to be in. I made the most of it last year but I don't feel like it this year! Whiny, whiny, whiny! I know but I am fed up of being stuck here and stuck in my life. I want to move on. Never wanted to be a housewife either. Feel like I was stripped of my choices. First I couldn't get a job because of my hijab which led to being a housewife  which led to low income which led to living here which led to me being forced to homeschool. I know life is a test but when oh when do I get to be me? So I blog because writing is who I am.  Are you living your authentic life?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Butterfly Mosque

Now that Eid is over, has anyone started to read September's book of the month club choice? How many of you have a copy? Insha Allah we will have more readers this month. I have yet to begin; still exhausted from Eid.

Eid Day 3

This day was a little odd as we got dd2 ready for university. We got her settled in and brought her to get groceries. We had pizza,prayed and then said our goodbyes. It was hard on me, let me tell you. I was remembering all the way back to her birth. (sob, sob, cry).  Insha Allah she will have a great first day of school and do very well. I'm glad that the MSA there is really active. I'm also glad she escaped from the boonies but its bittersweet. I wish we could all be there.

Eid Day 2

Today dd3 and I made Eid desserts. At night we went to ds1's house for his Eid party. His in-laws were there and they had helped him to cook the meal. It was really nice with bbq chicken, chinese stirfry chicken,rice,kabobs from the halal meat store and vegetarian lasagna and crusty bread. I was so stuffed but managed to eat some of the desserts including an ice cream cake that dd2 bought with Eid Mubarak written on it. Ds1 gave out eid cards.  Then they prayed maghrib and we headed home. Sadly dd1 couldn't make it because her hubby couldn't get the day off. I'm glad I got to see her the night before.

Eid Day 1

On Eid day we all showered or bathed and got dressed in our matching baju melayu and baju kurung outfits. Then we headed to the mosque and did a few takbeers on the way. The khutbah was about unity,dawah and about how things like the Quran burning (which never happened) are all by the will of Allah. After that we all ate sweets and sandwiches etc downstairs and the kids got goody bags. On the way back dh said what are we going to do now and I said well we could go to the malay open house and didn't you get the email? Apparently he didn't and I just assumed he did and didn't want to go. So on the spur of the moment we went but only after washing the carseat and clothes that ds5 barfed on, on the way to the mosque. Yuck! At the open house in GTA there were a ton of Malaysian students; more than us old fogies, ahem. You could barely walk around or find a place to sit. My daughter (dd1) and my granddaughter met us there as they live nearby. My friend specially made bandung for my daughter (dd4) who requested it. The kids got their green ang pows and were quite excited about that.

Ramadan Day 29

This was a fairly uneventful day. I shopped for the eid dessert ingredients. At night we waited to see if the moon would be sighted and it was, so we actually were going to be able to celebrate Eid when everyone else would.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid 2010

Eid Mubarak. Happy eid! Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

 Please forgive me if I've said anything wrong in this blog. Maafkan.

Ramadan Day 28

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Still dealing with the kids' problem and trying to find new solutions. Its becoming quite stressful. I called my son (ds1) and daughter (dd1) to see what the menu is for Eid and what I should bring. Looks like we'll be bringing dessert. Insha Allah I will be making Ambrosia again and something new Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball. Dd2 and dd3 will also be contributing. I don't like to focus on this during Ramadan but someone has to make the food for Eid right? I was reading the Quran last night and came across an ayat that made me think about what's going on with the mosque in New York. Basically it says if Allah didn't check one people against another then synogogues, churches and mosques would be torn down. Right now we see that; people for and against. But we know that Allah will protect his holy places. This could be the last day of Ramadan (the 29th), but our community is waiting for the moon sighting. So I will have at least one more entry and hey why not Eid too but that might take awhile. How was your Day 28? Have you paid your zakat yet? We have, masha Allah.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ramadan Day 27

Yesterday the kids went to school for the first day (ds2 to high school and ds3,dd3 and ds4 to elementary school). Dd4 and ds5 should have went to school but dd4 refuses to go to school and ds4 is too little for such a long bus ride. I took dd4 and ds5 to the library and we picked up the book Under the Ramadan Moon. We were invited to my friend's iftar at the masjid which was nice but I had no dinner companion this time besides my kids. Afterwards she returned my dish filled with chicken and rice and a second dish with that white pudding (oh dear I really should learn the names of these things). We came home late so I only read a little of Juz 17 to myself. The kids problem is still not over so I continue to work on that and it takes up a lot of time. Ameena has an easy life since she's single and carefree. So if you are looking for a perfect example please read the book. I'm just a simple mom living in the boonies with 10 kids (ok fine, 2 have flown the coop). How was your day 27?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ramadan Day 26

Yesterday was Labour Day which is the day before the first day of school every year so dh brought the kids to get school supplies while I caught up on laundry. While folding laundry I listened to a cd called In Praise of Stay at Home Moms by the now infamous Dr. Laura. Since being a stay-at-home mom was never my choice as I was never raised to be one, not even being allowed to touch a single thing in our house I felt that this cd (read aloud book) was a balm for my soul. In the afternoon I also read some Quran. Then it was back to the kids' problem and then I took ds4 and dd4 and ds5 and dd5 to the playground. Dd5 just loved walking around in the big wide open space. We saw our neighbour's kid there and I asked him what he was going to be doing for Eid and he said going to Canada's Wonderland with our cousins. In the evening I read Quran again; I'm up to Juz 17 so still behind. In the middle of the night I woke up so I prayed tahajud. Alhumdullilah I woke up because last night was the 27th of Ramadan and possibly Laylat-al-Qadr. How was your day 26?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Ramadan Day 25

Yesterday I watched a movie ds1 lent me. It called The Betrayal and its about a Laotian family and the politics in Laos that led to their refugee status. Although its not an islamic show the parts they talk about regarding stories from the elders are very similar to things that are in Islam regarding the end times. The show was really sad and touching. The mother also has 10 kids like me so I really felt her pain when she said things like 'sometimes I had to give birth alone'. How horrible would that be? Yesterday was also another day of dealing with the kids' problems. I'm always making dua for it to end. I've been having a lot of interesting dreams in Ramadan and dh and dd3 as well. Anyone else? I notice this happens in most Ramadans. At iftar our neighbour came with a dish of rice and chicken. Masha Allah. Alhumdullilah. I really liked the rice. It had nuts and raisins in it. Afterwards I read the Quran out loud to the kids and I'm now at Juz 15. I know its so far behind. Insha Allah I will try to catch up. These are the last few days of Ramadan.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ramadan Day 24

Yesterday was a lot cooler than usual and I was wondering if that might mean laylat-al-qadr had already come and went. Dh thought maybe it was actually the day before. Allahu alim. According to the mosque potluck list we were supposed to make salad so I decided to be a little unique and make Ambrosia Fruit Salad. (I added pecans). I made one for the women's side and the men's side. It tasted heavenly! I think I should definately make this for eid insha Allah. This is a dish I remember eating at church potlucks. One woman asked me if the marshmallows were halal and I said yes and she said" its the woman beside me who wants to know and I told her if it was C who made it then of course they were halal." Ahh...someone at least has faith in me :) My daughter-in-law was there and helped me out as usual and dd2 and dd3. My friend didn't bring back my plate though and here's the story. She said she used it to make something for her friend and when she asked for it back the friend said just wait I want to return it to you full. Then my friend said no just give it back to me because its not mine! I told her not to worry and told her the story of my nieghbour's plate. So now I know that arabs (or at least some of them) do believe in returning the plate full. Last night was special because the guy we found on facebook who was interested in Islam and that we gave books and pamphlets to expressed an interest in going to the mosque so ds1 brought him and his little son. Apparently he was afraid to do the wrong thing and kept asking questions about what it was ok to do in the mosque and if my son was in trouble. I found it funny that people would think that the mosque is such an uptight place. I'm so happy they came and I hoped it will bring him an understanding of muslims and maybe even bring him to Islam by Allah's leave. I remembered this time to bring my donation for the food bank after writing it down in big letters on the calendar. We came home and it was too late to read Quran to the kids and I also didn't wake up for tahajud. I guess there is only so much a person can  do. May Allah accept our deeds and grant us forgiveness and Jannah. Amin.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ramadan Day 23

Yesterday I spent the morning chatting to dd1 and she sent me a lot of cool islamic links of videos that made me cry. I also chatted with ds1 and we all tried to find a solution to our Eid dilemma. Dd1 is going to celebrate eid on Friday the 10th; her mosque has announced it! As for us we will have to wait for the moon sighting and our eid COULD be on the 10th or the 11th. Ds1 wants to have Eid on the 11th no matter what because that way he will have time to cook. However so far his wife doesn't have that day off and niether does dd1's husband. What a mess! Then I went shopping for some ingredients to make iftar tonight for our family and our neighbour. I made the chicken casserole which I invented and can be found on our cooking blog. I called up my friend to ask her to bring back my dish that I had given to her with the dessert I made and she told me that she had brought it to the mosque twice but forgot to give it to me. Then my neighbour called and asked for her dish back! Well the reason I still had it was because I had to fill it first. (Arabs think this is weird so it gets quite awkward). So I made two casseroles and while I was doing that ds1 and his wife showed up. While cooking we discussed the Eid problem again but still came to no solution. Ds stayed for iftar and almost everyone loved my food. Alhumdulilah. Ds4 told me that it was better than dh's cooking, rofl. Dh pretended to be offended. I dropped off the casserole at iftar to my neighbours and she said I shouldn't have and I said no problem. I think it is really fun to send stuff back and forth! After magrhib I read the Quran to the kids and in the night miraculously I woke up for tahajjud alhumdullilah. Day 23 was a very good day. How was your day 23?

Friday, September 3, 2010

My daughter's new blog.

You all probably know my oldest daughter from her blog handmade beginnings. Now she has started a new blog called Maryam's Musings which is a random blog about all the things she wants to talk about which are not related to crafts,daycare etc. Hope you like it.

Our Family Cookbook

Just a reminder in case you haven' t seen it yet. Please do check out Our Family Cookbook blog.

Reading this in a reader?

Just wanted to let people who are reading this in a reader know that you are missing out. If you love books then read straight from my blog, so that you can see the list of books I've read in the past, which I think are great ,on the left hand side of the blog. I noticed a reader hadn't noticed this list so with 52 readers then a lot of you are missing out. As for my followers I guess you are all seeing this and if not please check it out. I'd like to hear from all of you. How is YOUR ramadan going? What great books have you read lately? If you are still lurking please upgrade to being a follower. Would love to get to know you. I check out everyone's blog. Ramadan Mubarak.

Ramadan Day 22

Today Ameena is still in itikaf and I went to mail all my eid cards except two. Insha Allah check your mailbox. You could be a lucky recipient. The kids are still putting up stickers for days and times they've fasted and prayed on the chart. I got a gift for a friend as Prophet Muhammad (saw) says to give gifts to people and also there are rewards for having friends for the sake of Allah. I read Quran to the kids last night but again I didn't wake up for tahajud.

September's Book Club Pick

We are still finishing Ameena's Ramadan Diary but after Eid we will be starting The Butterfly Mosque. I first saw this on Jamerican Muslimah's blog and also UmmMalaak then suggested it so I thought it would be a great choice. Insha Allah you can find it at your local library and if not then do order it here. My daughter has ordered hers from the library but she is number 3 on the list (could the first two be my blog followers?). I hope she gets it in time insha Allah.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ramadan Day 21

Ameena is talking about itikaf but for sure I'm not going to be doing that not even in my own home. I can just imagine how many knocks there would be on my bedroom door! Mom I want something to drink,Mom somebody hit me, Mom can I come in, etc. Yesterday I addressed all my eid cards and put all the stamps I had on them. I still have to buy international stamps and send them. I went to the library and gazed lovingly at my display and ordered a book I read when I was a kid and couldn't remember the name of until I did an intensive google search. Its called Saturday, The Twelfth of October. Anyone ever read it? I've never been able to get this book out of my head. I was thinking of breaking people's fasts again today so I asked dd2 to make her strawberry soup for the neighbour. I still had her soup tureen and malays don't believe in returning the plate empty,lol. See being around different cultures makes you a better person. For myself I made fettucine with shrimp and everyone liked it. I wasn't in the mood to read Quran (is that a sin?) and I was way too tired to get up to pray tahajud. Insha Allah you are reading the book though because Ameena is a much better example than me! Masha Allah. Oh yeah and last night the power went out so I was thinking this is the night of no power, lol. Ahem but may have been the Night of Power. Astafirallah. How was your day 21? PS Strawberry soup pic and recipe to follow.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why I think the mosque near ground zero is a good idea.

With all the negative talk surrounding this mosque I thought it was refreshing to read this. I came across this by accident while looking for something else but I thought I'd share it with you. Its encouraging to see non-muslims that are open-minded towards this issue.

Ramadan Day 20

Yesterday the kids and I made Eid cards that we got from Smart Ark. They were great fun! Yesterday was Merdeka Day so we made a flag cake. It made me think about how it says in the Quran that Allah made us into Nations and Tribes so that we may know each other not despise each other. I read Quran again to the kids but I was confused and didn't realize that last night could have been laylat-al-quadr since the day starts at magrhrib so it would have been the 21st night but for some reason I thought I was still on day day 19. So I can't say that I got up and prayed or anything. How was your day 20? Did you seek laylat-al-qadr?