Monday, March 11, 2013

Sweet Beach Resort- My trip to Malaysia part 5

After we went to Perhentian, we stopped at Sweet Beach Resort for our final beach day. This beach was brown instead of white and the water was also brown, so not nearly as nice as Perhentian. The waves were huge and we could have went surfing there. They were so strong I couldn't stand up with my leg problems. The beach was so desolate as it was two days before eid although I did see one man running along it. The place we stayed at there, looked like it hadn't been updated since the 80's and every room had something wrong with it ie broken toilet seat, broken bathroom door etc. The restaurant was shut down since everyone pretty much had left so we had to walk to the road to eat from hawkers which was ok. The guy tried to guess where I was from and even said "shukran" to many people thought I was arab this time in Malaysia because I was wearing jilbab. The first time back in 2000 I wore baju kurung so everyone seemed to understand that I was a white chick trying to go native, lol. Later on after spending time on the beach which was littered with old lawn chairs we went back to our room and except for my daughter and I everyone went back to the guy to get supper. It was very eerie as everyone at the resort had left, except a few, I'm guessing staff and then the lights went out. I thought, oh they will quickly fix this, or at least bring us a candle? But nobody came. I started to panic a little as Magrhib was coming and still the rest of the family was not back, nor any staff. As the minutes ticked by, I thought maybe next time I travel, I should bring a flash light. Then I made dua asking Allah to get the lights back on so I wouldn't have to pray Maghrib in the dark. Almost immediately the lights went back on and I was so grateful. So I prayed and then supper was brought home and since hardly anybody was there, they let us have two rooms to sleep in. Would I suggest anybody go? Not really but maybe we just saw the bad side. We did find lovely shells at this beach though.

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  1. I am passing along a Libester award to you!
    Take a look at my post for the icon to post here. LOVE the pics of your trip! SO lucky.