Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Last Weekend

My kids had a school trip on Friday to Canada's Wonderland so we all went. I don't really like rides so I don't enjoy it much. I was really tired too and had to take a nap! I did get to go in the wave pool though in my Veilkini from Alsharifa (if you want one don't forget to use code shoe10 to save 10%). The lifeguard though said they had a policy that if you are wearing long clothes then it is difficult to swim and therefore you need to wear a lifejacket. Are you kidding me? Its not difficult at all to swim in this bathing suit. Its so lightweight. The lifejacket was a pain and ruined everything and I couldn't swim properly in it and it kept floating up to my chin and choking me so I unbuckled it. I really wanted to throw it away. I'm not impressed with this policy at all. I remember years ago I swam at WaterWorld and I didn't even have an islamic bathing suit then just jeans and a long shirt and they never made me wear a lifejacket and I had so much fun! My daughters were ticked off with their ridiculous policy too.

On Saturday we went to Chinatown and then to the rock garden at Royal Botanical Gardens. We had missed that during the last trip. It was so lovely in the rock garden with beautiful views and encircling paths and benches everywhere. Little chipmunks were everywhere and they were so friendly. My kids saw a turtle and we also saw a snake. I could stay there all day. Wish my backyard were like that! This time we actually saw two muslim families!

On Sunday we went to the Muslim Womenpreneur bazaar and then on the way home we stopped off to eat at a restaurant we've never been to before. It is a halal Thai restaurant called Thai Cuisine Experts. It was my first time to eat Thai food (never could find a halal one before) and it tasted great. I loved the chicken fried rice and chicken pad Thai. How I wish though that there were Chinese and Vietnamese halal restaurants.

So how was your weekend?


  1. While I was in Mexico - I was also prevented from swimming "with my clothes on." Frustrating.

  2. Seriously, you didn't get to go at all? I would have thought that Mexico would have been more easy-going.

  3. I went on a slide twice, then was told "you can't swim in clothes, it can damage the ride"


  4. It can damage the ride? Wow they are not concerned about your safety but with their own equipment! And how does that even make any sense? Insha Allah you will have lots of fun here in Canada...I know you are too far for Canada's Wonderland which needs a knock on the head. How is the reaction in your neck of the woods?

  5. I used to go to the YMCA and swim all the time. They loved it there (the old ladies were like "I want one of those!!")

    Once I started school thought, I didn't have the time to go anymore. Insha-Allah soon though. :)

  6. Yeah YMCA here too is good and also the local pool, never gave me a hard time.

  7. ships in the night! you were in my neck of the woods! I went to the womenpreneurs thingy too, and that Thai restaurant is very close to home for me. Sounds like you had a good time, alhamdulillah.

    I used to live in an apartment block that had an outdoor pool that was hardly ever used. I used to go swimming in an old shalwar khameez and someone complained so the super banned me. The following year we had a new super and the same misery-guts complained again but the new super called the city for guidance, and city hall said as long as I wasn't wearing "street clothes" (i.e. stuff I also regularly wore to walk around in) there was no problem, so I was told to go ahead and not worry about spiteful persons on upper floors!
    alhamdulillah the city now offers some women-only (and men-only) swimming times, open to all, not just Muslims. I met the mayor 2 weeks ago and said how I appreciated it,she grumbled about how much it is costing the city and how future generations won't want it because they'll be all integrated etc etc. harrumph.

  8. Asalaamu Alaikum Huda

    What time were you there? I was there from about 11-3. The Thai restaurant that we went to was in Burlington.

    Talk about major party poopers! They think everyone will just give up Islam that easily...as if. They don't realize that this upsurge is a youth driven thing. Just look at RIS.