Friday, March 28, 2014

Sick of winter, Veilkini on my mind!

If you live in Canada you will know how long and horrible this winter has been. Toronto even had an ice storm. Its spring now but it sure doesn't feel like it; it keeps snowing and there are hardly any days over 0 degrees. So all winter long all I could think about was swimming but alas the last time I did was in October in a hotel pool while I went to the BeingMe conference in Toronto. Why? Because sadly my bathing suit and my daughter's got some kind of grease on it when I was in Malaysia (boat engine oil?) from a dock I swam out to and held onto. So now with spring here and summer approaching its time to order new bathing suits. My suit of choice is Alsharifa Veilkini as you can see from my review here. Won't you join me in getting a new bathing suit? They even have little girls bathing suits now and they are hot pink! My youngest who is almost 5 fell in love with it the minute she saw it. You might want to get that too..just sayin'.

Speaking of Malaysia and oil,on my mind always also is the flight MH370 which most likely crashed,we are still waiting for real proof. Seeing is believing. Its sad all around especially how they have slandered the pilots. My prayers go out to all who have been affected by this tragic news. May Allah give everyone comfort and closure. Amin.

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