Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's Holding You Back?

You've studied it all, it all makes sense but something is holding you back! You're still not ready to take shahadah. Why? I think if you ask most people who have already converted to look back and name the reasons they held back for so long, they will usually be two things; hijab and polygamy. That would be for women. I can't speak for men but I'm sure that abstaining from alcohol and lowering their gaze would be tops on their list but I could be wrong. Aside from that many state the loss of friends, family and jobs. Everyone has their reasons. Someone, related to me, is interested in converting and the thing that is holding them back is lack of community support. If this person converts they will never have an imam to turn to since there is none, a mosque that's always open as there is no imam to open it for all the prayers, a community that will embrace you socially as they have no interest in including converts and  a mosque that teaches Islam and Quran as they refuse to teach adults as only children are paid for by the Ontario Gov't. Converting for this person would be like falling into a black hole. Not that becoming Muslim is a negative thing since it is fulfilling and uplifting on its own but no man is an island and we were never created to go it alone. Of course there is me but I'm only one person and I cannot teach Quran as I am still learning myself and on top of that our Quran teacher is leaving to go overseas in a month. (this teacher lives two towns over from my relative). I think most people would say take the leap and convert and trust in Allah but where are those same people when the converts become disenchanted and give up hope and give up Islam? Are you your sister's/brother's keeper? Yes you are! I heard that during last jumuah prayer a woman converted to Islam. I have no idea who she is or how she came to our mosque but I wonder how she will cope in a community that doesn't care. Will you adopt a convert today? We are not asking that you give up your daily coffee, just take a convert out for one. Let's build this ummah! What say you?


  1. Wow, do you know me!? lol
    I want to convert, but I am the type of person who has to take their time and make a deliberate decision... The main thing holding me back is my family. I have tried emailing and phoning the closest mosque and have received no reply/ calls have not been returned.
    I am a shy person and reaching out in that way is hard for me, and the lack of support is quite disheartening. It seems the best thing for converts are other converts :)

  2. Hi Nisa!

    I think I do!lol.It took me a year before I converted so I know how it feels to sit on the fence. Some people take way longer. Ahh, the dreaded non-answered phone at the mosque. I'm going to guess that either your mosque has no imam or that he is so over-worked that there is no time for him to answer the phone. If only mosques had secretaries and not just answering machines! How many potential converts have given up? Perhaps you can find someone to go with? Converts are a good support group but can not always be the best teachers..most of us didn't go overseas to study Quran etc...we are all not Hamza Yusufs. May Allah make it easy for you to embrace Islam and give you support and love and knowledge. Amin. By the way many people convert at islamic conferences. I have no idea where you are but from Dec 23-25 Toronto will be having RIS. You also might try calling a MSA which stands for Muslim Student Association and most universities and colleges have them. They might be able to help.

  3. Assalaamu aleikum NisaB
    I took a look at your blog (v cool) but couldn't leave a comment there. I saw you're in Australia - have you checked out Mercy Mission? I think they started in Australia and they are definitely convert-friendly! Maybe you c ould check out their website and see if they have anything going on in your city? Here's their Aussie website: http://www.mercymissionworld.org/australia/
    Best wishes