Friday, April 15, 2011

An Apple a Day

When I was in college I used to watch the other students in the caf. Maybe it was wrong, but I was curious. I soon started to notice a trend. All the slim people brought their own lunch and what did they always have in their lunch? An apple! All of the overweight people always ordered from the caf and mostly chose fries. I don't really like apples that much myself but these studies show that they low cholesterol. The best apples are those that are freshly picked yourself. I know this first hand. My kids had a blast picking them at an orchard nearby and ate them like crazy even though they lasted for months!  What's your favourite apple?


  1. I love gala apples! I like to bake pies with Granny smith.

  2. Hey lil ill,lol. Looks like gala is winning so far!