Monday, February 20, 2012

Convertible Designs - a review

One day I was with my dd4 and she is at an age where she is always asking 'what if' and talking about things she wants to invent. That day she said  I want to invent a coat that turns into a pillow so that I can use it on the long bus ride to school. I said its probably already invented and I'll google it to check. Lo and behold I found a company that had done just such a thing; Convertible Designs. Their theme song could be 'its a pillow, its a coat, its a pillow coat' but they would probably be sued, lol. Anyway I looked at their site and found that their coats did not come in dd4's size (7/8). I contacted the company to see if they would be making some in that size but unfortunately they said they would not be able to. However they said they did have a doll they could give to my daughter and that I could review it on my blog. In the end I got jackets for ds5 and dd5. I received them recently and took some pics. As for the doll, my tomboy daughter liked it and said she loved that it was soft instead of hard like most dolls. She also liked that it came with its own passport and wanted me to write in the first place she traveled with it when we went to the next town. She also liked how when you take off the wings it looks like a person. As for the jackets, we have got a lot of looks from people as no one has anything like this around here. As this is an American company and on the internet its not surprising. Dd3 got right on changing the jacket into a frog for ds5. He was very impressed! What can I say about the company? I think the company is great; they are willing to work with you and they are quick and for my readers they are extending a deal on the jackets. Here's the deal: The code is CANADA2012. It will expire March 31st. The discount is $34 off a purchase of the jacket and free shipping.


  1. ASA - is it a spring type jacket?

  2. Wa alaikum salaam

    No, they are winter coats. When I took the pictures we had no snow. It has barely snowed here this past winter.

  3. everywhere I go with the kids wearing these coats someone gives them a compliment and stress that they've never seen anything like them. sadly the zipper is now broke on my son's coat.