Monday, October 1, 2012

First Impressions.

Recently I went to an open house. Not really a house but an Islamic establishment. I sat with the non-Muslims since isn't that the point and hey I can't stand to sit on the ground. While sitting with them I heard their remarks about the great hospitality; no one can fault Muslims for that and  everyone's lovely attire. One woman even wanted me to get her daughter an abaya for her little little daughter. That was the outside part of the event. On the inside was the tour which I didn't take; been there, done that for the most part. But then my daughter needed to go to the bathroom. I found one and was shocked with the condition of the place. Surely this couldn't be so! An unclean bathroom at an open house? 4 toilets covered up with bags or paper and out of use? Open toilets with unclean bowls? Cobwebs? Is this Canada? Can't be! I'm cringing inside because I am at once the host and the guest which is an odd feeling. I know the non-Muslims will bring their 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' mores and the Muslims should have met that with their 'Cleanliness is half of faith' ideals but there was an epic fail and I was left with a feeling of embarrassment and shame. In fact the place was so bad, that my 3 yr old said 'I'll go at home .'  Now you may say that I should tell these Muslims to 'clean up their act' and I would if they ever even gave me the time of day which is why I find a blog so cathartic. Or you could say why don't I clean it up to which I say I am sure they would not want me to as they are very territorial and secondly I have my health problems to contend with. I would like to suggest that they get the teens to do it so they can get their volunteer hours or perhaps they could hire a janitor or ask anyone from the community. I would say call Molly Maids but the memory of them giving me the finger is still too much for me to bear.


  1. This must have been so embarrassing for you! It is difficult when some people are not approachable to help them make things better.

  2. This is the same problem here in Malaysia, even in certain mosques :( I sometimes feel I should come back in my cleaning gear, equipped with Jif and broom, its not that difficult, n pour 1/2 cup of clorox into the bowl overnight, tomorrow it would be shining like new.