Sunday, June 9, 2013

My trip to Malaysia Part 8 -Kuala Lumpur (not)

Insha Allah soon I will get to this post. :) This trip is almost over..well the reminisces.

Whoops I'm getting a little ahead of myself. I left out some important stuff that happens before the KL leg of the trip.

After eid and before we left for KL we did some things like get my daughter's IC card which was the whole point of the trip or in my opinion a good excuse for the trip. IC means Identification Card. Since my kids have dual citizenship, they qualify for it. The guy who worked there even told my husband that I qualify for it too. Yippee! And so do my kids from my previous marriage which we never knew before and tickled them pink to know!

 We also went to KB (Kota Bharu) mall to shop for clothes. Aside from getting new abayas and baju kurung at places like D'Yana, Perempuan and First Lady for ourselves and my second daughter who wasn't there for the trip, we also got Eid clothes for Eid-ul-Fitr 2013. The Eid clothes were from First Lady who also has men's clothes (baju melayu). Since Eid had just happened though, it was pretty picked over and we couldn't get the colours we wanted in all the sizes we needed so we chose a colour that we weren't really into, but alhumdullilah, we managed to find matches for everyone, except 2 which we found the same styles but a different colour. But dh was very happy that this time he didn't have to buy material and give all our measurements to a seamstress to sew; not only did he save time but also money. What's amazing is that we can even find our sizes since we are all taller than the average Malaysian. (actually this happened after we got back from KL but we did got to Tesco and get my daughter an abaya). Nevertheless we did go shopping ;)

This time period was also used to visit the graveyard where my parents in-laws are buried. The last time I went to Malaysia they were alive and well so this was hard for me. We recited Quran for them and made dua. I was expecting the tombs to have flat slabs on them with their names but they have these little white clay things (sorry I don't know what they are called) on them. Then we went to visit some other relatives who lived nearby.

Stay tuned for the next installment which features our surprise trip.

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