Thursday, June 10, 2010

A day in the life

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a raised muslim. Wouldn't it be grand?  I also wonder if they ever give a thought to how it feels to be a convert. Would they be willing to walk a mile in our shoes for even one day. This is how it would be. They would wake up and instead of thinking of all the people in their family they could call or spend time with they would realize that that doesn't exist. So fine  they would think, I'll just call a friend. But wait I lost all my friends when I converted. Fine I'll call all my new friends at the mosque. But wait, no one at the mosque talks to me because I'm not from their country. Ok I'll just make friends with non-muslims, piece of cake. Oh dear they think I'm a terrorist or oppressed or just plain boring because I don't drink etc or they are super religious and want to convert me back! Ok, I'll spend time with my hubby and kids...ahh yes I can have this but only this unless I'm  a male convert whom no one will allow thier daughters to marry. Could you do it? Could you live our lives?  I'm just writing this as a reminder to those who have forgotten converts or never gave them a thought. Please reach out to a convert.


  1. As salaam alaikum,

    Alhamdulillah, sis, basically this is our life. May Allah reward us with Jennah.

  2. we have a program at our masjid for converts. Nor a program but since most of out masjid are immigrants, the younger generation tends to mix well with them. It was to help converts learn how to pray and make wudu etc, but I think it also was meant for them to get more comfortable with the people around them. Alhamdulillah it has helped a lot.

    Socially being a convert seems hard. But sometimes I wish I was a convert because most of us Muslim born Muslims take Islam for granted. A lot of us don't see the beauty of it.

  3. Masha Allah that your mosque has a program. Our mosque has no such thing and won't even let the converts learn quran with the kids.

  4. same with the falling up, sometimes I wish I was a convert :) Everything will be okay maam, Insya Allah :)

  5. Assalamu 'alaykum:

    I was born Muslim but I have known many reverts from many different backgrounds. I always admire them for their strength, focus and perseverance, even when the odds seem against them. More than this, being in theic company has made me more conscious and appreciative of being Muslim.

    Reverts have quiet peace and satisfaction about themselves which, in many cases, people born into Islam seem to lack. Maybe it is because what 'Falling Up' mentioned earlier, we take Islam for granted and don't see its beauty.

    I thank Allah for being born Muslim since I don't know if I would have possessed the strength and courage to to become Muslim!

    I know many mosques fail to acknowledge the support reverts need. What you mention about your masjid (not allowing reverts to learn to read quran with the class) is simply outrageous though. I am sorry to hear this. Most of all I am embarassed to know that Muslims can be so unsupportive.

    Shukran for sharing your thoughts though, and for reminding those of us who were raised Muslim. May Allah grant you ease and open a way for your life to be filled with friends and support.

  6. Amin. I honestly thought you were a convert too.

  7. Amin to all the duas.

    Once, when the Prophet (SAW) was sitting amidst his Companions (RAA), he asked: “In your estimation who possesses the most beautiful faith in all of creation?” On receiving the reply that they were the angels, the Prophet (SAW) said: “How is it that the angels not have faith when they are in the very presence of their Lord [and they directly witness the spiritual realities]?” Here the Prophet (SAW) is implying that while the intensity, depth, and completeness of the faith of the angels is beyond ken, their attainment of this faith is not such a remarkable accomplishment. Seeing that their first response was unsatisfactory, the Companions (RAA) gave a different response, and suggested that they were the prophets of Allah (SWT). To this the Prophet (SAW) said: “How is it that the prophets not have faith when Revelation is vouchsafed to them.” At this point, we can imagine that the Companions (RAA) must have hesitated somewhat before offering themselves as being the ones in all of creation who possess “the most beautiful faith.” To this the Prophet (SAW) replied: “How is it that you should not have faith when I am present amongst you?” Then the Prophet (SAW) said: “The ones in all of creation who possess the most beautiful faith are those brothers of ours who will come after me [and they will not be blessed with my company]. They will find pages containing the Book of Allah (SAW) and they will believe in what they find therein.” This tradition has been reported by Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-Aas (RAA) and narrated by Imam Bayhaqi (RA).

  8. Subhanallah, you're making me cry.

  9. Assalaamu aleikum Sis
    I'm coming late to this, got overwhelmed with life and work and family... again!
    Very interesting post, even after 27 years I sometimes feel lonely, for all the reasons you listed. Only in the last few years I began to feel a little more like I have anything resembling community. Compared with what came before, I can only keep thanking Allah for that...
    There is a "new Muslims" conference coming up in sha Allah. In the GTA (natch) but at the other end of it from where I live, and I already have 3 commitments for that day...
    ... dang, can't find the flyer and google isn't helping either. If I find the info I'll come back and tell you about it in sya Allah...

  10. Wa alaikum Salaam

    I heard of a new muslim conference last year but my friend told me its for shias. I don't know which one you mean though.