Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's the Old Woman up to?

So I've really neglected my blog. Kids are back to school now so here I am. What have I been up to? Mainly two things; trying to get healthy again and helping new converts. In the last few months I've been going to see a homeopath after being nudged by my hijama practitioner and by a reader of this blog. I'm not cured but I am seeing results. I could tell you what I'm taking but in homeopathy they tailor the treatment to the individual and they look at your whole life ie past, emotions etc I will post more about this as I go along in my treatment insha Allah. As for helping converts well it all started with me trying to find a Muslim Buddy. Perhaps you have heard of this? Its a program under New Muslim Care which is under the umbrella of Mercy Mission. I asked them if they could find me a buddy but they never could in my area. Then I saw that in another city nearby (over an hour away) there was a convert running a New Muslim Care group. I got inspired as I had thought that only raised Muslims could run such groups. So 4 months ago I started a chapter and am helping a handful of converts in my area. Insha Allah I hope I am making a difference and it gets me out of the house. Besides these two things I've recently gone camping in a Provincial Park for the first time and it was fabulous. We even had Muslim neighbours! The sunsets were amazing and the stars sparkled like a million diamonds. I highly recommend it. I think next time though we should bring a separate tent for prayers and oh better flashlights! Insha Allah I hope to finish my posts about my trip to Malaysia.