Friday, November 8, 2013

Trip to Malaysia part 11 -Twin Towers

After going to Shah Alam it was time to go back to Kuala Lumpur or KL for short. We made our way by taxi to The Twin Towers or properly Petronas Twin Towers. Although I had been to KL briefly before in 2000 I never had the chance to go there. I made sure it was a must see this time. After seeing places for years in pictures its always surreal to see them in real life. The twin towers are basically a huge mall and we did spend time there shopping and eating with relatives that live there.  Its beautiful but I couldn't not notice the huge Chinese influence there; Chinese people are everywhere and the majority are not Muslim so you feel like you are not really in a Muslim country when you are there. I was not impressed when the Chinese girl in the mini-skirt tried to ply her Playboy perfume samples on me. I really felt like screaming. I couldn't blame her because the other Muslims seemed to have no problem with the whole scenario. I still remember the first time I saw this brand at the pasar malam in Kota Bharu and was so shocked. Now that brand is all over Canada and it makes me sick. But in a Muslim majority country I just felt intense anger. If Muslims are really controlling the gov't I would say they are just a bunch of paper tigers. Money talks and it really seems like the Malays are living under the thumbs of the Chinese aside from the so-called Bumiputra rights. Another thing that really stood out to me was how all the menial jobs were being done by Malays and Indians. The Chinese are all fit and trim and the Malays have become overweight and depressed. Back in 2000 I never saw so many happy people in my life. I told my kids you are going to see how smiley and happy Malays are when you get there but I was soon to be proved wrong. I don't know what has happened in the last 12 yrs but everything is a big mess in Malaysia now. Since leaving all I hear about is the high crime rate over there, the lack of jobs and gov't corruption. So the towers are beautiful but underneath there is a lurking ugliness. I also noticed a lot of Arabs this time who I am told have driven up the prices of everything

and white foreigners who were not speaking English. Of course Malaysia is closer to Europe than North America but it was so weird for me. After our visit to the twin towers we went to Aquaria which was suggested to me by someone on this blog if I'm not mistaken. It was also very beautiful and amazing and the kids loved it but I kept thinking about how the world is a paradise for the animals since they will never go to Jannah and keeping them behind glass on display is not my idea of a paradise for them. I would suggest scuba diving or snorkeling instead but I'm too chicken myself. There is a lot of walking around to be done on such a trip and I did become exhausted due to my leg problem and had to demand a break. Its hard to have an invisible disease because you look just fine on the outside and people think you are just slacking.

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  1. May Allah make it easy on you and those around you more understanding Ameen. That's too bad about how the state of Malaysia has gotten worse since you've been there. Ya those aquarium are only good if they are a place where they rehabilitate injured animals, and then release them back into the sea.