Monday, June 27, 2011

Muslim Womenpreneurs

Did any of my readers go yesterday? I met the woman who sells Sisters Magazine.(Bilqees Quick  I got the latest two issues. I also bought some soap from Be-licious ( and then my son (ds2) won some more in the draw. Then I got some honey products from NutraB; Safa and Buzz Off.  My daughter (dd3) won a hijab in the draw and that was so nice masha Allah because she has just started wearing hijab. The kids got to see Dora and a clown made them some baloon figures. Dd4 asked for a sword, she's such a tomboy. Some other people asked for it as well after her and she was quite angry that they copied her, lol. One of the best parts of the day was eating Lasagna from Kara Mia! Since the event was held in the mosque we simply strolled over and did our prayers. Also since the mosque has a book store I went there too and got some books and movies. They really need to update it though as it is totally inaccessible to strollers and wheelchairs. This event was raising money for muslims with disabilities ( and mosques really need to think about these obstacles. My daughter Handmade Beginnings had a booth that she shared with Smart Ark. She was selling her Ramadan countdown calendars and crayon holders and placemats.

I enjoyed myself but I wish there had been more variety in the booths as many were repetitive. Did anyone buy the cupcakes? I found them quite expensive, but like the name, they were cute (socute! creations 416-995-6131 HugYo was there but came a little late. I already bought two jilbabs from them at RIS though.

So did you go? What did you buy? What did you think? Did you meet anyone interesting? I met a sister who is originally from Quebec and a convert like me, who was selling vitamins. Not sure if any of them could help me but she said she would keep in touch. Insha Allah the honey will do the trick.


  1. Salams,

    Wait - you can buy Sisters in Canada? I tried to order it from the UK site, but was told I'd have to pay $150 in shipping ( read that right!)

    Also - countdown calendars from Handmade Beginnings? is there a link? I want!!

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    Yeah you can order them from here. I keep gettting them from Soundvision...single copies. But you can get a year's subscription or single copies by emailing Bilquees. I had the same problem about the shipping but then I contacted them and they told me about how to order them in Canada. Alhumdullilah.

    For the calendar, its not posted on Etsy yet but insha Allah we will send you that link or information soon.