Friday, December 20, 2013

Rebranding or not?

My blog is around 4 yrs old now. I think bloggers sometimes wonder is anyone still interested? Have I or my blog become boring, stale, old ? Everything around us is fast, changing, new, different or you're out! Must we all be Madonna to stay cutting edge? I think not! Must we try to be like others who are more popular? Only if their popularity is somehow tied to good Islamic deeds and we should only envy two; the one who has more knowledge and the one who has more money and gives it away in charity. Otherwise we shouldn't fool ourselves. We are born with our unique personalities which we had when we were even souls and our bodies too come from different parts of the earth and have an impact upon us. This is all sound islamic knowledge. We need to be gentle with ourselves. Can we be interesting and cool and still Muslim of course but we must never sacrifice suratul mustaquim for all that jazz and sparkle. Its a balancing act. People are basically the same person all their lives ie since I was in grade 3 I wanted to do cake decorating, so here on my blog you will see how I went to cake decorating classes. However, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would become a Muslim, but I always cared about religion. People who are going to like you are going to like you for the good in you no matter how sparkly or shiny you are. You may not have the best pics or the most interesting blog and maybe you don't update that often but people who really care about what you have to say will remain true. Hang tough fellow bloggers. You have a unique voice and a unique perspective, people want to hear you, let yourself shine!

Because your blog, your blog is on my list
Because your blog, your blog, I can't resist


  1. I had the same thought as you when before I was starting my blog a year ago. My blog is a quiet one where not many come and read it. But my intentions was to share something that I think could Insha Allah bring knowledge or self awareness and anything that I think it has good benefits.

    I do like reading Muslimah blogs where I could learn and make friends with and for this make me feel the unity of Islam. I am quite old actually when compare to mostly young Muslimah bloggers out there and that my blog is mostly old fashion Haha..... Blogging in a way helps keep my mind working to creat new ideas not just remain stagnant.

    Yes, maybe it seem that as though sometimes my blog has no respond or likes but in my heart I do it all is to find blessing from Allah in all my doings.... I hope that I am still be able to have the effort to share more in future....Insha Allah

    Anyway sister keep up the good work and may Allah give guidance and blessing to all muslimah bloggers around the world.....