Monday, April 30, 2012

Saffron Dreams

This weekend I finished reading Saffron Dreams. Its the story of a Pakistani woman who lost her husband during 911. Its very heartbreaking and the poor woman went through so much. I think the thing that keeps making me scratch my head is why is it that these books whether fiction or non-fiction always have the majority of the people not praying. Are most Muslims not praying and I'm just oblivious or is it that authors themselves usually come from non-practicing families? It breaks my heart to know or think that so many Muslims have lost their connection to Allah.


  1. Assalamualaikum,
    In my opinion, I think most practicing Muslims would only write about Islam and would not be interested in other genres.However, I've read novels written by Muslims depicting practicing Muslims.But it's really a rare case to find such books.

    P/s : I'm from Shah Alam,Malaysia.Nice to meet you!

  2. Wa alaikum salaam

    Kind of sad isn't it? Have you read A Gift by Zaipah Ibrahim? She is Malaysian. Umm Zakiyah is another good author who writes about practising Muslims.

    Shah Alam? You are the people with the beautiful mosque that is on every calendar and book I see. Nice to meet you too. Dh is from Kelantan. I lived there for 4 months back in 2000.

    What good books have you read?

  3. There's this book written by Naima Roberts.It was about her life and struggles as a revert to Islam.I forgot the title (I'm sorry)

    The big blue mosque is Shah Alam's main feature.Have you been to Shah Alam before? It's much nicer here than in KL.Very much away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  4. From My Sisters' Lips. Yes I've read that.

    I haven't been to Shah Alam but its on my list of things to do if I ever go back insha Allah. I was only in KL for a couple of days and I never saw anything. I just remember a lot of women in miniskirts and dogs.

  5. Well, if you should ever visit this town, you know you have a friend here.

  6. Nice to know but its hard to find a friend named Anonymous. Please leave your email ;)

  7. Sorry about that.My name is Muhammad Aizat (and yes, I am a boy, 19 years old).Guess you're shocked to know.I mean this is a muslimah oriented blog,right?

    The story goes like this (it's pretty simple actually) : I was running out of iman.I was going through some bad situations.I Googled "nasihah" and I stumbled upon your blog.Reading your post "Friday nasihah" restored my faith in Allah.I must admit that I do enjoy reading your blog posts.

    Thank you for those wonderfully-written blog posts.And as Malaysians would like to say it "Selamat berkenalan dan Salam Ukhuwah".Here's my e-mail,

  8. I thought there was a slight possibility.

    Masha Allah that you were guided. I always wonder if my blog is of any use to people. I can't take credit for the Friday Nasihah as they are just re-posts.

    I'll pass on your email to my husband.

  9. That would be great.Thank you.

  10. Have you read The Butterfly Mosque? It is a memoir about a woman who became a Muslim. If I remember correctly, she first encountered Allah, and chose to follow him through prayer. Do you have some other book recommendations? I would love to hear them. You could either send me a note through my blog or email me at: Thank you!

  11. Yes I have. Check this.

    If you click on book club at the right hand corner of my blog you will find all the books we read for my book club. Also you can click on the blue Book of the Month Club button underneath Followers to see this year's selections as well and the former ones. Underneath that are Must Read Books.