Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SEO or no?

I'm taking an SEO course now, mainly because its what everyone in my field (Advertising) is supposed to know. This is my only webpage and seeing as it doesn't generate an income, its kind of not important for me to take this course right now, but if I ever get around to writing a book and having a website for it, then these techniques would be important for me to know. The course for me is a snore, but maybe because I just keep reading and not applying the knowledge really. At least I know I could never imagine myself doing this for a living, just like the Microsoft courses I took last year, although all knowledge is beneficial. I think I just basically want to write and leave all the technical stuff to the experts which isn't practical when you can't pay said experts. Hmm...there's always Go Fund Me right? Well, maybe I should just focus and buckle down and write. Yes, I said it before. Well, at least I am writing pieces for our local anthology, so I am not getting too rusty.

How about you? Have you taken SEO? Have you applied it to your webpage? Or do you do it for a

Update :April 1st. Just completed the course. Its not my cup of tea, still can't see myself doing it for a living but I'm happy to be more knowledgeable now in this area. Its a lot of work that's for sure. 

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