Monday, March 6, 2017

I Wrote a Book!!!

I've been very busy launching my new book this year alhumdullilah. Its an anthology with six other authors which is a compilation from our writing club. We've been working on this for over a year and for the other members even longer as they were part of the group before I was aware of it. Its a local writing club and I am the only Muslim among them. Strangely they insisted I write my coming to Islam story and so that's included as well! masha Allah. Some of the stories are fiction but my section is all non-fiction and includes some poetry as well. The title of the book is Breezes, Currents and Sighs,chosen by one of the writers.  We had a book signing already and our books are available for sale from that venue and next month we will be having a reading and signing at the local library. I have also been selling copies to family members (don't worry I didn't charge my parents!) and friends. I have copies floating around all over Ontario, Canada now. The book is getting great reviews, masha Allah.

Here is one : "I have to say you are so talented,great writing. You should think about doing this for a living. The writing was so smooth and engaging. I definitely wanted to read more. Please send me more stuff when you can. I really enjoyed your work.  " JD

and another "a collection of stories and poems by 7 authors from Ontario,Canada. Some are fiction and some are reflections, true accounts of life that resonates with many of us no matter where we are, portrayed in good honest to goodness words"  YH

The book is not for sale at any book store or online but if you want a copy, they are selling for $15 (Canadian) plus shipping (to be determined by your location). you can contact me at omwits at, you can pay by e-transfer.

Our writing club is busy preparing to write another book this year. Readers can't wait for our next edition!


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