Monday, March 19, 2018

I'm on Instagram!

I'm on Instagram!

So, I've been missing in action for quite some time. What have I been up to? Well I told you about my new blog and about my Etsy shop, well now I'm on Instagram! I keep following my daughter Handmade Beginnings around on social media. She knows all the new cool things to sign up for. My name on Instagram is just like my name on my Etsy shop ChristineDupuisBooks. On Instagram I used link tree to add all my links. Its a good tool to use. I'm learning so much about how to use Instagram which is different from Facebook in many ways. I've put a highlight on my page which has book reviews. If you've read my book and have a review, send it to me here or share it on my Instagram and I will add it to the highlight. 

Right now I'm still working on my second book, an anthology again with my writing club. I have more stories this time and not only about myself. I've also joined a Muslim writing group on Facebook with Naima Roberts. So many Muslim writers around the world with so much experience under their belt. Its amazing to see them all come together in one group because in real life you don't come across them that often. She's giving writing prompts and doing facebook lives for motivation and q & a's. 

Another thing I've been up to is planning an Art Fair. I've named it SMArt fair. Sarnia Muslimah Art fair. There will be Muslim women presenting and selling all sorts of art including  writing/books and magazines, paintings, crafts, knitting, needlework, henna, cooking, baking, and also any businesses they are involved in. Its a great way to showcase the creativity of the local Muslimahs and bring awareness to the surrounding areas that Muslim women are engaged and productive.  This event will take place at the Sarnia Mosque on London Line on Saturday May 5th from 1-5 pm. 

So did you miss me? Add a comment below and come visit me on my new Instagram account. 

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