Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making a change

I don't know about your mosque but ours has no change table. Not only that but there is really no room for one in the washroom or anywhere. Our mosque doesn't have a nursery either. I suggested one but no one agreed with me. So whenever I go to the mosque I have to resort to changing the kids in the car. I mean you can't do it in the prayer area or the on the tables where people are eating can you? So I got an idea..I should invent a portable change table, lol. But as with all my great ideas, someone has already thought of it, made it and marketed it. So here it is! Great to be used for our travels too where there are bathrooms with no change tables or any other place we find ourselves. What family friendly features does your mosque have?


  1. Assalaamu aleikum and an early Eid mubarak! or Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri if you prefer :-)
    That baby change table is such a need idea. I'm long past needing all that myself, but I'll mention it to any itinerant new moms I may come across.
    Alhamdulillah my local mosque is the ISNA masjid in Mississauga. They have a separate room for moms and tinies, with floor to ceiling widows on the side adjoining the musalla and the PA system pipes in the sound of the prayer/khutbah. And the ladies' loos and wudoo' area is pretty big too. Can't say I have noticed whether there is one of those drop-down change tables there, but it would be a good idea, because lots of moms bring their little ones with them.
    There's no nursery per se, apart from that room. It seems most families make their own arrangements, like some friends who get older daughters to babysit if they are not praying and so on. The Director suggested that sisters who aren't praying could mind the kids during Taraweeh, but I'm not sure if anything was done about it. It would need some real "take-charge" sister to make that happen, I think.

  2. Wa alaikum Salaam

    Hey how did you know the malay for it? Do you know maaf zahir batin?

    Apparently the ISNA masjid does have a change table (on the wall folding out kind) as does the Al-Falah masjid. The London masjid has a free standing one.

    Its not only about being a take charge sister, its also about politics and if you have any influence.

  3. One of my best friends when I was a kid had a Malaysian dad, then when I was a student there were lots of Malay students in London, then my brother went and married a lady from Malaysia. But I don't know what maaf zahir batin means, please fill me in :-)

    Being a take charge sister, politics, having influence?! Steeeerike three!!! I am none of the above...


  4. Maaf zahir batin means forgive me for my intentional and unintentional deeds.