Monday, September 14, 2009

Ramadan dawah booth.

This is my second year to do a dawah booth during Ramadan. No I didn't do it at the mall or any huge public thoroughfare but in my front yard. I was a one woman show. Its a pretty simple affair; a big sign and a basket full of pamphlets and booklets and qurans. Lots of people passed by and some even waved but no one stopped except my daughter's little friend who took one pamphlet, alhumdullilah. No one but Allah knows the power of one little pamphet; who will see it, who will read it, how many times it will be passed on. Not to mention the number of people who saw my Happy Ramadan sign and realized that Ramadan was taking place. Last year when I did the booth one neighbour took a quran and one later told my son who is her paperboy that she wanted to stop but didn't have time so I made her a bundle of materials. Its a simple act and no one can complain that we disturbed them by knocking on their door.

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