Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kinship Connections

Today after reviewing how much the kids learned from their prayer books, I got them to write letters to their relatives. Each one had to choose a relative (aunt, uncle, grandparent or cousin) and write a letter to them. This is not a big deal in most families but when you are a convert its huge. So I gave them the speech about keeping the ties of kinship in Islam. First they did a rough draft and then I made the corrections..not just grammatical but the content had to be checked too. Then they did the good copy and then addressed the envelope. My daughter decorated hers with stickers. Lastly they mailed their letters themselves by biking to the nearest mailbox.


  1. Mashallah what a great idea! I miss writing letters. I used to have pen pals when I was young and it was so nice to get all this nice stationary and pictures from other countries.

  2. Yes me too, I had penpals in England and Nova Scotia. I just love getting real mail! Send me your address and I'll write to you too...right now I have a penpal in Northern Ontario :)

  3. Mashaa Allah , what a great idea.

  4. Please write to me

    Salwani Ali
    No 14, Jalan Saujana 2/6,
    Desa Saujana, Sg Merab
    43000 Kajang, Selangor

    give me your address to salwani@gmail.com

  5. I loved having penpals too when I was younger. When I moved to Canada it got jolly expensive and I had to quit. Then the internet came along and some of them found me on Facebook! So it's good for something after all ;-) But I still love getting Real Mail That Is Not Bills. When I went "home" this summer I reconnected with an old friend after 20 years. She's not a computer person so we are now keeping in touch via snail mail :-) In the meantime, my youngest is now e-pals with her English uncle. They trade a lot of cute li'l animal pics (plus a rather alarming wild pig snapped in Malaysia by my big bro!).

  6. Asalaamu Alaikum Huda that's awesome that you are still in contact with an old friend and by mail at that..we are die hard old school aren't we? lol Wild pig, wow...that is one thing I didn't see in Malaysia! Its great that they are in contact and have something in common.