Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Interesting Midwife books

The other day at Walmart I saw two new interesting books. One is The Midwife's Confession and the other is The Midwife of Venice. These might be right up my pregnant readers' alley and mothers too. Anyone read these? You might also like The Birthhouse which is set in Canada which I've read and loved especially for its historical references and explanation of how doctors took over the practice of attending births from midwives. Nowadays it seems to be going the other way.  While you're at it,why not follow a muslim midwife's blog here.


  1. As salaaam alaikum,

    I haven't read these, but I did read some other books about the history of childbirth in the US which is probably similar to Canada. I would also recommend women read these types of books, insha Allah.

  2. Wa Alaikum salaam

    I guess it would be similar except I think there was a lot of illegal midwifery kind of hippy style in the US before right? Ina May Gaskin...I think.

  3. As salaam alaikum,

    The laws vary by states, so there are some midwives who practice illegically for sure. Here in Virginia, the laws have recently changed and CPMs are now able to attend homebirths as well as CNMs, but CNM still must be under the supervision of a physician. Direct entry midwives are still illegal, but I know women who have used them regardless.

  4. As salaam alaikum,

    Sorry, CPMs are direct entry midwives. I meant that there are still "granny" midwives or lay midwives who practice illegally here.

  5. I started reading The Midwife's Confession. I like this book, its well written and an interesting read and gives the perspectives of 3 friends and tells the story of the midwife and why she did what she did. Its like a mystery novel only we know whodunnit.

  6. I finished the book and it was a real page turner. I really enjoyed it. There is a little haram in it and that is why I generally avoid non-islamic fiction like the plague.