Thursday, May 19, 2011

The G Word

Has anyone else noticed that the G word had become the new F word? No one says the G word anymore. What is the G word? God. I noticed this a few years ago with all the shows taking it out. When someone sneezes, they say, Bless You. Whoops...who is doing the blessing? Thank God and God willing seem to have disappeared too.And in public, do you even dare to say it anymore? With 16% of Canadians being atheist, people are beginning to eliminate the word for fear of offending anyone. I said thank God the other day and the couple I was talking to looked so startled. But when I said God willing to a man with a cross, he didn't blink an eye. In Islam there are a ton of expressions with the word God (Allah) in them which I don't use when out and about, but if I did, I can just imagine people's shock! With churches closing all over the place, one wonders if the word God will become obsolete. Will muslims begin a revival I wonder, or will the longing to fit in overtake the need to mention our creator?

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