Saturday, May 14, 2011

From Behind The Veil - Review

This is a little overdue. This was last month's book choice. I really was inspired by this book and could relate in a lot of parts. For example she comes from a big family and tells about its hardships. I can feel her pain as a mother to a large family who has gone through tough times in the past and never has as much as wealthier people. This book is about one women's journey and how calamity, whatever it may be in our personal lives can change us for the better. Sometimes when we suffer it opens up our hearts and minds to other's suffering. This book focuses on two of her main problems; first the islamophobic attack she experiences and then her reaction to it which was her extreme allergies. In this book she grows so much and becomes a much better person and a better muslim. This book will also make you empathise with the muslims who are going through allergic reactions and avoiding them through so many avenues ie bringing thier own food everywhere. I used to always think it was only non-muslims who had allergies since I had never come across any muslims with them but reading one Muslimah's blog about her son's allergies and reading this book and finding out that my quran teacher's daughter has peanut allergies really opened my eyes. Read this book if you want to take lemons and make them into lemonade. Couldn't we all use a little sweetness in our lives?

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  1. I've lent this book out, can't wait to read a review.