Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just 5 Minutes - Book Review

Finally finished July's book club choice. First of all I would highly recommend this book. Although the events in this book take place in the 80's, with everything happening in Syria now, this is the perfect book to read now! This is the story of a Syrian university student who is forced to do time for her brother's so-called crime. They ask her for 5 minutes of her time and then imprison her for 9 yrs! The way the gov't works, the police, the court system, the prisons is all here to discover. Her stay in prison reveals one sick story after another. Although this book was horrific I coudn't put it down as I wanted to know the truth. This book goes into much more detail than Hope and Despair. Despite all her troubles, Heba's response to life in prison and so much more are an example to all people and especially muslims about patience and reliance on Allah in the face of hardship. I am truly inspired by this woman who apparently lives in Toronto now. I would love to meet the author. Read this book, read it now!

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