Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Muslim Stuff on Etsy

From time to time I check out what's new for Muslims on etsy. I learned about etsy after my daughter opened up an online shop there. There are other Muslims too and I'll share some items I found to be interesting.For a newlywed gift check out this. For a baby check out this.For kids this and this. For ladies looking for a Malaysian style hijab check out this. (its made by a non-Malaysian interestingly). More kids stuff here.
For everyone try this.

That's just a taste. Be sure to explore yourself. I usually just type in Muslim or Islam or both. Happy hunting. 


  1. Asalaam Walekum. Thank you for including links on your blog post to items in my shop on Etsy. I really appreciate you visiting my shop and for sharing it with your readers. Best wishes with your blog and for the new year.
    Nafisa (Al Safina Shop)

  2. Wa alaikum salaam Nafisa

    I was wondering if anyone form etsy would ever realize that I feature them. Were you a follower of my blog or you just found me by the title?

  3. From the blog title when it showed as a traffic source.