Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Movie Night - Inspirational and Funny

On the weekend I rented two good movies I thought I would share with you. I picked them because they were both inspirational and regarding health matters. First we watched Soul Surfer about a teen girl who wants to compete in a surfing championship but ends up getting her arm bitten off by a shark beforehand. This movie is all about how she overcomes her disability and moves on. The second movie was Extraordinary Measures and is about a father with 2 kids that have Pompe disease, a kind of muscular dystrophy and how far he went to help them by searching for a cure. It was great to see that despite so many obstacles he was able to fight for a chance for his kids. Finally hubby and I had our own movie night at the theatres and watched The Big Year. Its about 3 guys competing to see who can find the most bird species in North America but you don't get a prize! I thought this movie was funny and sweet and original for a change. Its not a, you must go see this movie, type of thing but if you are looking for a new concept then this is it. And is there any movie with Steve Martin that isn't good?


  1. i saw that is different approach than traditional movie... i agree with your review 100%

  2. Try Temple Grandin, I am sure you will love it.

  3. I did watch Temple Grandin and it was amazing. My daughter is the one who convinced me to watch it. I meant to do a post on that too before but forgot.