Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Islamic Design House abaya review.

Alhumdullilah this will be my first ever Islamic Design House abaya review.The abaya I got to review is my second favourite in the collection and it is called Day Dreamer. Kind of appropriate for me I guess! I must say I love all of the new collection (S17) and this one especially because of the colour; purple is my favourite colour and the design. This abaya comes with not only pockets but my favourite; a hood. Also you can see from the picture that they include an extra button in case you lose one which many companies don't bother to include.
 Since I'm a housewife and my life revolves around going outdoors with the kids, shopping and to the mosque/quran classes, I decided to show how you can easily get around in a playground with your kids in my photos. (one of my kids is the photographer). This abaya is made out of polyester and is easy to take care of; out of the package it was a little wrinkled from being folded but it was easily ironed in a jiffy. Owning other abayas from IDH I can also say that they are also easy to wash and dry. I just put them on the delicate cycle. These abayas are so functional. Whether you are running around with your kids or praying or shopping or traveling by car (our family is always taking long car trips either to get halal meat or to visit the big kids) or by plane like last year all the way to Malaysia! IDH abayas are super comfy. One thing I've found though is that you have to be careful what you wear under them or else watch out for the cling effect. I have to avoid yoga pants at all costs or have all eyes on me at the mall (don't ask!)  Jeans,dresses, skirts and dress pants are all ok. I've also heard that satin works great.What can I say about IDH? Their customer service is great! They listen to what you have to say and try to make you happy. For example a while back I had trouble with the Canadian site and the UK made sure I was taken care of. No worries now though as the Canadian site is perfectly fine. Also my favourite abaya was sold out and discontinued but the Canadian rep at RIS showed me that they had a very similar one out in a winter style and that made my day and I bought it right away. I also love their promotions like the one that had buy one abaya get a hijab for free. Another thing I love about IDH is that when you wear their abayas and scarves you can easily fit in and not stand out and non-muslims compliment you on your outfit.

For my readers ; you can get a new abaya too just like this one or choose another style and get 10% off. The code is OMWITS13 use at Islamic Design House.com


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