Friday, April 4, 2014

My trip to Malaysia part 13

After going to the Braille Quran Institute we headed to the Central Market in KL. This was chosen by my husband who likes to stock up on t-shirt souvenirs there. I found the place to be interesting but really overpriced. I saw a lot of those fishermen pants that all the tourists were wearing and it was funny because locals don't actually wear them. As I was walking along female merchants kept calling out to me "Madame,madame" which became annoying after awhile. I did get into a conversation with one though that led to me sharing my conversion story. This happened to me too before in KB with a Chinese male merchant and I still remember him asking me "Did your parents scold you?". Yeah pretty much but I remember thinking scold is such an old-fashioned, unused word in Canada and its funny how the same language is used differently in different countries but I know that's because the British of course brought the language to Malaysia and they don't seem very influenced by American/Canadian tv and movies.

After this shopping adventure where I saw things I liked but didn't buy; a dress and a learn Malay cd we went on to Sogo Mall to eat at Nandos. This was my first time ever to eat at Nandos (chosen by my in-laws) even though it exists in Canada but 3 hours north of me. We had fun there and I really liked the dessert but one thing was wrong. The mall bathrooms. Ok you can't talk about Malaysia without mentioning it. When we went to the bathrooms there was a lady sitting outside at a table asking for money. I was not impressed but fine,
we paid. When we got in we found a bathroom with NO amenities. I saw other bathrooms that were missing things but this bathroom had nothing. We had to use the bathroom again unfortunately and this time I got upset when she asked me for money. This is not my usual demeanour at all but I had had it. I asked her why do we have to pay when we are getting nothing in return (and why the heck isn't the mall rich enough to cover their costs). So the woman timidly offered me some toilet paper. What? now? so here is a little piece of advice and this is a secret all Malays know; always carry your own kleenex. Why because often there will be none in the bathroom for any use not even to dry your hands and no hand dryer either as an option. I can't say I didn't appreciate the water hoses in the bathroom for istinjah but the water all over the floor is so annoying and was my number one reason at the end of the trip for feeling homesick.

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