Monday, April 7, 2014

Trip to Malaysia part 14

After the bathroom fiasco it was our last stay in the hotel and before we left we got a special guest; a doctor friend who is married to a Russian convert and their little baby. It was nice to chat for awhile and take pictures. I gave her some Islamic magazines in English as a gift. Next we were suddenly brought to a wedding! I had no idea that would happen but apparently our last day in KL coincided with my sister-in-law's husband's relatives wedding. I felt under dressed! Nevertheless we were on our way. The wedding was outside and it was nice to see the couple promenade before everyone and my daughter loved the drum playing. Unfortunately though it started to rain! Just before that the adhan sounded and I was wondering why the wedding wasn't held before or after the prayers. (that was the first time I had attended a wedding in Malaysia).  After this we went to the airport to wait for our flight back to KB and there I met an old friend at McDonald's and we had a quick visit. We could have visited longer if we had known our flight would be late. Air Asia is not always prompt apparently. But they are cheaper. We found Dunkin' Donuts here and had a little treat.

The next two days we went shopping at the KB mall and stocked up on clothes as we knew we wouldn't be back for a long time. After that we took a final visit to my in-law who is my husband's maternal uncle's wife. We bonded quite well when I came to live there in 2000 and it was sad to see that she had become blind due to cataracts. It was nice though that her daughter was taking care of her at home.  After going to the Blind Quran Institute and seeing my in-law blind it gave me a lot to think about and of which to be grateful. Alhumdullilah. May Allah help all those who are handicapped. Amin.

Our final day was spent collecting some stuff we had left behind from 2000 that we had shipped there. Sadly many of my books were eaten by cockroaches. Who knew cockroaches ate books? Not me! But amazingly they had not eaten any of my Islamic books! What a sight to behold! A true miracle right before my eyes! Alhumdullilah.

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