Thursday, April 1, 2010

UFO's in the Quran

Yesterday I read UFO's in the Quran; finished it in one day. Its an easy read that will leave you uneasy. If you are familiar with UFO reports and sightings and watch a lot of programs about it (especially if you grew up during the 70's) then the first part of the book won't be too shocking for you. Even so there were some things that were new to me as well. The next part of the book deals with Quranic ayats and hadeeth about UFO's and finally he ends with stuff you can find on The Arrivals. Although I knew most of this information (anecdotal and religious) the way he weaves it together really brings home his hypothesis. If you are not familiar with either or one of these subjects though prepare to be shocked. Even with my knowledge though I was very creeped out. My advice ; don't read this alone by yourself at night. This book proves even more that Islam is a religion with all the answers; you just need to look for them.


  1. Salaam... Sounds very interesting; not a book that I have heard of but will have to look out for it.

  2. I've now passed it on to my son. Insha Allah he will post with his thoughts once he's done. Right dear?

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  4. UFOs in the Quran is an interesting read however it is highly opinionated and a lot of speculation and assumption is made to draw connections.

    The first half of the book deals with various accounts of alien abductions taken from the mass amount of documents that came out during Jimmy Carters presidency and gives you a background on the material. It builds an anticipation that isn't satisfied due to the fact that the book is a bit choppy in presentation; granted it does make an attempt to bring things into a fold, just not clear and strong enough.

    The connections I felt did not truly definitively answer questions about the existence of aliens from an Islamic point of view due to presentation, assumption, and lack of textual proof. Readers of this book may be highly interested in this subject after reading this book; however one should look far deeper to attempt to find more answers.

    The Arrivals does touch on the subject, although UFOs are more associated with natural phenomena, Elitist Black Magic/Ancient Science/Technology, and Jinn themselves using their own technology. The book never really takes this route and attempts to solve mystical miraculous experiences with that of technology and certainly Allah is bound by no limits to derive things of technology. The book is worth the read if you will not accept this for case and point. The idea of it all certainly brings wonderment and curiosity to all that dream. Keep dreaming!

  5. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Thanks son for the review!

  6. Muslim in search ofNovember 4, 2010 at 10:20 PM

    Well. I read the book and I thought it was a very well researched work. There were a lot of loop holes in religion and he did a pretty good job of filling them. I also did not find the book lacking in terms of Islamic texts. In fact, that I felt was the strong point of the book. He took verses from the Quran by different translators and then used ihadeeth and further backed it up with historical sources.

    I do feel that the book should have gone more into how black magic and traditional occult fits into UFOs and technology. But that was never the scope of the book and the book delivered what it was meant to deliver.

  7. Asalaamu Alaikum Muslim in search of

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for your comment. This book hasn't gained much popularity yet so I'm glad to see others reading it. Maybe the author will come out with another book that focuses on the points you and my son mentioned. Its a fascinating topic and one that no one can get enough of.

  8. this is find interesting books mashaaallah! wish i have more time to read as much as I used to. right now i have a stack of books to finish reading and i'm struggling lol


  9. You just need to make mine a priority, lol.