Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ramadan memories

Whew! Long summer days of fasting and short nights. But we made it right? We did a couple of things we didn't do before this year. One, giving out Ramadan boxes. I got the idea from a facebook group and decided why not? I headed over to the dollar store and began the process.I highly recommend it. After 7 yrs I got to meet a lot of neighbours I hadn't met before and everyone was so nice. The next day one neighbour said thank you and that they wished more neighbours were like us. I also saw one of my neighbours at the library and it was so nice to realize we knew each other and to carry on a conversation. No one was upset that we did it.

 Another new thing was my daughter making handmade Eid cards from an old wallpaper book and dollar store finds for converts.Converts are often forgotten so it was a nice thing for my daughter to think of. This year I did get an Eid card from New Muslim Academy plus a phone call which was really nice and made my day.

  Finally I hosted a convert iftar at the mosque for the first time by way of New Muslim Care of which I am the chapter manager.It wasn't a very good turn out in terms of converts but we also got to break the fast  of the huffaz , some students and some tablighi brothers and one gentleman who was searching for the truth. One sister who helped out (not a convert) said let's do this every year. :)


  1. MashaAllah I really need to get more organized next year and put together neighbour boxes too, they look really nice :)

  2. My littlest daughter is encouraging me to do this again this year. Insha Allah.

  3. Convert Iftar is already scheduled for July.