Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday we took a trip to Chinatown where my son and daughter's second cousin has a lovely fruit store. We got rambutans,mangosteens and longan. So many delicious choices which are next to impossible to find around here. At the bakery we got coconut buns; a favourite of ours, almond cake and cream horns. Then I just had to get my favourite drink there which is red bean drink and everyone else got bubble tea and slushes. I wish the dim sum was halal but alas my kids will never try it unless we get adventurous and make our own. For some reason it was quieter than usual maybe because everyone went away for the long weekend but wouldn't out of towners come there to make up for it? I was very impressed with the service, very fast and they never ignore you when you come in. Word to the wise though, come early to get a parking spot. This is the first time we came in the morning and it was great because we didn't have to drive around forever looking for a spot or get stuck in expensive underground parking. Does your city have a chinatown?


  1. Salam Aishah

    When you said your son had a fruit stall is it Adam?

    Does it longon or longan? I call it longan.

    You sounds very happy nowadays Aishah. I'm happy for that.

    Do you subscribe to Load Islam Forum? I do, but not an active member anymore. My nick in there is Selising

  2. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    The fruit store is owned by Adam's second cousin.

    Did I spell it wrong? I'll check.

    Never heard of that forum,I'll check it out insha Allah.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum

    Yay China Town!! I was considering writing a post about it too :D

    my blog is now: .. sorry I keep changing it! InshaAllah this is the final name

  4. ps- you can remove sew covered from your list- I'm not doing that anymore- modest fashion will be on evacreative now

  5. Wa Alaikum Salaam

    Ok its gone. Added the new one.

  6. I love Chinatowns! Any kind of Asian town. Our nearest "big" city--Sacramento, has several spots, but no chinatown. There is one long boulevard that is a lot of fun to go exploring. Today my husband and I were wishing there was a Vietnamese-Masjid to go to for iftar (that's soooo bad, I know). A Japanese bakery just opened near out boba tea spot, which is really excellent. Previously, we'd stop by a local chinese market that would have fresh pastries sent over from San Fransisco. Love any kind of cream rolls! You must watch out for buns or rolls with a caramel colored fuzy-fluff on top---that is pork : ( Our store doesn't label.

    Where are you, roughly? I haven't figured that out yet.