Thursday, January 15, 2015

Walking through the door.

Did I get a job? You've been wondering right? Well, no. So in the meantime I've been exploring my options. I looked at job postings and people's profiles on linkedIn and realized that I needed to upgrade myself.

 First, I thought ,I had to learn SEO, but could see that it takes years and/or lots of money. Apparently its a competitive niche market and maybe I should just concentrate on content writing.

 Then, I had to explore where I could find these sites, which offered writers' jobs. Did you know that one place is Twitter? I don't even have a Twitter account but you can see them without that.

 I also found out  you are supposed to have a blog and no, not this one, but a real, business one where you brand yourself and put up examples of your writing. Well first you have to write something fresh and recent and do your best, so that you can be chosen, out of all other writers. Pressure!

 Besides SEO, I also noticed that everyone wants you to have the latest programs down pat, such as Microsoft Word (at least  2010) and just about every Microsoft Office program you can think of. So in that vein, I have been taking Microsoft Word with 2007 booklets, on a computer which has the 2010 program, which is pretty close. Insha Allah, I will also be taking Excel and PowerPoint and all three of these programs are FREE at your local handy-dandy employment centre. Isn't the gov't nice?

So I'm not sure what I will end up doing. I would prefer a job with a steady cheque, but,maybe I'll have to end up doing freelance work. Only Allah knows the future. In the meantime, I will keep bettering myself and looking out for opportunities insha Allah.

Here is a useful link to a site with free program learning. 

Oh and yes I am still homeschooling my son. He is reading The Travels of Ibn Battuta.