Saturday, January 17, 2015

Is Muslim blogging dying?

I looked at my blogroll and some people haven't blogged for 1, 2,3,4 or even  5 years! What's happening to Muslim bloggers? Is blogging dying in general? I know I'm not the most frequent blogger but come on, I don't go for years without blogging! What's up? Did everyone move on?

What kind of blogs do you read? What makes you come back? Are you sad when bloggers disappear? Are you a blogger who has stopped blogging?

Share your thoughts, preferably this year. Better yet, how about today!


  1. Good point. Unfortunately I think people prefer quicker gratification these days than what reading a blog can give them e.g. Instagram, Twitter, videos on YT - everything is very much about consuming lots of content in a small amount of time. Blogs just don't give this. It's a shame really, there's something authentic and personal about a blog.

    I personally don't blog very much anymore because my interests have changed and I've pretty much run out of things hijab fashion related to blog about!

    Salam x

  2. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I really like blogging, but don't have the time! I really have to make an effort if I want to blog, but I find that when I do blog I am more productive because it makes me feel like doing more things, it's weird really. But it gives me a sort of outlet I think, then I can accomplish more. Yup. My two cents.

    Love ya! Please blog more!

  3. I really hope blogging isn't dying out, now that I'm making more of an effort to blog more!! From a fellow Muslimah blogger :-)

  4. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Masha Allah Habiba, your blog is amazing. I love your latest post. Since I became Muslim I searched fruitlessly for Islamic advice on parenting. Only lately has there been really anything out there besides of course the advice of Luqman.. Its especially hard when you are a convert and don't have an Islamic upbringing.

  5. I hope not. Im just starting to get into reading blogs from different sisters. Heck Im thinking of starting one myself

  6. Insha Allah. Give us a link when you do!