Friday, May 1, 2015

Mini Job

Haven't written anything in awhile as first my daughter got really sick and then I got a mini job and then I got sick too. Whew. Things are back to normal now. Feeling healthy and back to taking my lessons for Microsoft Office. Circumstances have put me far behind though. Insha Allah I hope to finish before Ramadan. So what was my mini job? I was a distributor/ promoter for the MS Society. What did this entail? Well I had to construct these little boxes by folding them together and then bundle MS Walk and Bike cards to be put into it. Then I had to go to various businesses/offices to ask them if they would allow me to leave the boxes on their counter. Doesn't seem like a big deal but my whole day and night was taken up with this work for 8 days and in the middle of it I got a call from school saying my daughter was sick. As well I was doing this during the coldest days of the year; record breaking temperatures that they haven't seen since the 1960's! Was I cold? For sure! But I'm a Northern girl originally so I can take it. Well almost. One day was so bad I had to go home early. This job was interesting because I got to interact with the public and learn a lot about human nature in a short time and also realized how many businesses had been closed down. I went to over 300 place in 3 cities/towns. I got to hear stories about people that had MS which were very sad and once I broke down as I was told about the death of one of them. I mainly did this job for two reasons; to freshen up my resume and to help find a cure for MS which I apparently have. From this job I realized that I really like being independent; no one breathing down my neck and working outdoors (partially) and dealing with people. I wonder now what job I will get in the future. Meanwhile I'll continue working on my computer skills. Have you ever worked for a charity?


  1. My stepmother has MS; it's been rough, but it seems a positive outlook helps more than anything. Good to see you're keeping active. :)

  2. Asalaamu alaikum Jordan. I agree. May Allah reveal a cure for MS to us. Amin.