Saturday, June 19, 2010

Stripes and Belts

Today we did our testing in Tae Kwon Do and my second and third and fourth son and third daughter all got GREEN belts. My fourth daughter and I got stripes. She got a black stripe for her roundhouse kick and I got all 5 of the stripes (red, yellow,blue, green and black). My teacher said I was doing well for a such a short time. Insha Allah you will still be reading this blog when I get my black belt, right? Right? :) My fifth son sadly didn't recieve any stripes this time as he hasn't been too serious about TKD lately. For my master I got this book as a gift (although Bruce Lee taught Kung Fu and not Tae Kwon Do).


  1. I was in karate for a while. But my instructor was a high school student and eventually had to go off to college. hmmph! She should have stayed with me. WE could have kicked butt and fought crime together lol

  2. lol, the nerve of some people eh?

  3. Wow! I admire how you and your family go to classes and learn Tae Kwon Do together. It's such a great thing to be involved with your children.