Saturday, August 22, 2015

At Loose Ends

In a few weeks the new school year will begin and all the kids will be gone including my one and only home schooled son who will be starting high school. Last year I tried to upgrade my computer skills and also got a little temporary job. Looking into the future I see a gaping chasm and am filled with uncertainty. Jobs are hard to come by in the first place and with an old diploma and barely any recent experience I am not a top candidate. What's the next step in my life? I have no clue. Other people seem to find their way don't they? Why am I so stuck? I am not feeling inspired either. Feel more like I'm spinning in circles. I need some kind of fresh start. How do I shake things up? Moving away would be great but I can't see it happening in the near future. Somethings got to give right? I hope insha Allah that Allah will send me a sign because I'm clueless. Have you or anyone you've known been in this situation? How did they turn their life around?

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