Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rice Dispenser

Wow! I never even knew these existed. Never even knew people kept their rice in anything besides the bag! This is a great idea. I never even saw Malaysians using these when I lived there. I haven't seen them for sale either here at the asian store. I should ask or maybe look for one in China Town. I've never seen Tupperware offer them either. I bet its just Tupperware Malaysia.


  1. Oh wow! I think Tupperware here should sell it. I like that it measures the common (I think) rice cooker measurement.
    My other thoughts are---ooh I like the ceramic urn--that's gorgeous!
    Really? People are that worried about "dirty" rice and old grains!? Wow! Maybe it is an issue in humid countries?
    Size: It still doesn't address the storage of a 25 pound sack. You still would need a rice bin or bucket.
    So if my dad was still a potter, I would ask him to make an urn, that can go into a base (maybe wood) that has a measuring box system. Then you can set the thing on a counter or a small stand--the way you might set up a 5 gallon water dispenser.

  2. Oops! You can get them here, and they can store a lot of rice, I thought they looked small.
    Holy Smokes they are EXPENSIVE! $130 U.S. dollars and up!!!
    I'll stick to my recycled mason jars and donut shop bucket.

  3. Wait, I am so sorry for all the comments. Google rice dispenser and you'll find things for much less. Shame on Tupperware! Sure for $50, if you have it, it's a nice thing to have especially if you cook rice everyday.

  4. haha..i Like all of the above comments...even I liked the ceramic urn as well as Ms. Chan's wooden rice container. My mom keeps rice in one of those gigantic Danish cookie containers:)
    but anyway, I wish it had more dispensing amount choices for those of us that are on diets..that way i can measure out 1/2 cup rice:)
    p.s. i always burn my rice...:(

  5. Rukhpar Mor if you are burning your rice maybe you need a rice cooker. They are fantastic. I recommend Zojirushi.

    The price is high espcecially for poor Malaysians Aisha but they are a great invention. I lived there and its gross with all the critters that can get into your food there. Tupperware is really thriving there.