Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Malay cooking

Cooking is not my favourite thing to do but when I do, I like to make things simple. One of my favourite things to make is rendang. This is eaten in Malaysia but is really considered to be Indonesian. I love to use Asian Home Gourmet spice packets to make this. Along with this I make nasi lemak (creamy rice) found in the Easy Malaysian Style cookery cookbook. They have other asian lines as well as Indonesian such as Vietnamese. If you're feeling adventurous try it out. Oh and be sure to add sliced cucumbers; they help with the heat. A new kid on the block right here in Ontario and hailing from hubby's country are Wau Inc. I haven't tried out their products yet but I have met the owners. I will put it on the top of my list of must buys when I am back in the area. I personally love satay with rice cubes and peanut sauce myself so can't wait to try their's out. I also like onde onde which I sometimes make for Eid.


  1. THis post just made me really hungry!

  2. lol maybe your hunger will inspire you to try something new! at least I didn't post this in ramadan!

  3. wow, satay! used to have that at the Malaysian weddings in London, very yummy! do you know where to buy these goodies, as there wasn't much info on that site, just a lot of yummy pictures... and is the chicken halal?

  4. For Wau Inc the info is here


    for the Asian Home Gourmet products, they are available at No Frills and at Asian food stores and ethnic food stores.