Thursday, July 28, 2011

A book about us?

So many people have told me that I should write a book about our large family. It is the trend these days. Kate did it, the Duggars did it, both twice. I'm not so sure what people would find interesting about us aside from having many children. If you were to read a book about us what would you want or expect to find in it?


  1. Assalaamu aleikum
    Sounds like it could be v interesting. Large families aren't the the norm these days, especially in the west, so people are curious, I guess. I would like to hear about logistics e.g. how do you get all the cooking, chores, household organizing etc done? How do you make time for yourself (and reading, and blog writing) in the midst of it all? And from a convert's p.o.v., I have seen many converts having large families when most of them came from small families themselves (one of 2 or 2 or max 4) and didn't grow up observing how large families function - what advice and insights can you offer? Maybe some hints on making $$$ go further would be good too...
    Hope these ideas help insha Allah. Let me know when the book comes out,eh? ;-)

  2. oops, I meant one of 2 or 3 or 4... darn typos!

  3. :D i'd be interested to know more about yr individual relationships with each of yr children...their differences and how you deal with you managed when you were pregnant, after having the baby, etc...funny stories...others' reactions, your own point of view and thoughts on others' reactions. your views and thoughts about having a large family... are you? HUGS

  4. Thanks for your ideas.

    How am I? There is some improvement alhumdullilah.

  5. Honestly I dunno...this may sound horribly mean but I'm not a fan of big dad comes from a family with 9 kids and honestly as one of the younger ones, he still remembers-to this day and he's like 60...never really ever spending time with his mom or dad...his elder sisters basically raised him and the younger ones cuz the mom was always busy cooking, cleaning, nursing...pregnant...I dunno...I think its not really fair on the kids or the parents cuz how can you have a real parent-child relationship with each i'd just think some would be lost in the shuffle...the older ones had individual time and now are off doing their own things, the younger ones maybe get some personal time but what about the middle ones? I dunno, personally...i dont think large families are necessary unless one is involved with a family farm or cost of living is pretty crazy right now...even buying kids clothing, let alone groceries...eegads! We're pretty frugal with a lotta stuff but honestly...its hard and we have just one. And from a psychology perspective-only cuz i was reviewing to CLEP Psych 101 so i wouldnt have to take it in the fall, sinec i already took it once back in 2001...that studies in intelligence have shown that later born children in large families (like 6 kids or more) tend to be less intelligent than their older siblings...why? Cuz the parents dont spend as much time with them and they dont have as rich of an educational experience growing up due to the shuffle of everyday life...

    I dunno, i give u mad props for doing most require super human strength, patience and...finances...but i dunno, esp from being around my dads side of the family, personally...i dont think now adays...y'know.

    Oh well, u probably hate me now..pls dont, i'm not dissing on you, just expressing my own heck u can write a book, laying bare the facts and counter what I bring up.

  6. Thank you for being honest. I never thought I would have a big family and never even thought I would have kids at all! Life happens. My parents both come from big families and my husband too. I only have 3 siblings. My mother was the second youngest of 12 and yeah I think my grandmother was worn out..that was the olden days. My dad is the 3rd of 8 and I've never heard him complain although I think they were pretty poor. Dh is the second youngest of 9 and loves the idea of big families and liked all the attention from the older siblings. I do worry about the middle kids because I'm a middle kid and know that you can get forgotten even in a smaller family. I try hard to give them the time they need. Making ends meet yes its hard, we have a lot of second hand stuff and are always passing things down. Our house is small. We're not suffering though. Also living in Canada we have it better than most countries including the US where you have to pay for health costs and there is no help at all for the working poor. As for intelligence I find the younger kids are always learning from the older ones. In fact they are always grilling them with questions. Geography and math are their favourites. Also we are a kind of different family in that dh helps with everything so I am not constantly doing cooking ( I probably cook once a week) or housework, kid care. If dh wasn't like this I would never have had this many kids. And lol I don't hate you. :)