Friday, December 25, 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

My kids inspired by their older sister wanted to make a house too. So we went to the furniture store to get big boxes and they told us they had just thrown some out so the kids did some dumpster diving and got 3 large boxes to take home. The next day I brought them to the decorating store to get those old wallpaper books they always throw out when they get new styles. Apparently they had already gotten rid of all of theirs but they took our name for next time. So I went to another store to see if they had any and this was my last resort; remember I live in a small town. They told me they don't sell wallpaper anymore but asked me how much I needed. I told them just a little bit so the kids could decorate their little box house. So she said follow me home and I'll give you some old rolls we don't need. Can you imagine? Talk about customer service er helping out a moocher. So I follow her and she gives me 3 rolls of wallpaper for my kids project. She said so you have 4 kids? I told her no 10 and she said oh I'm the oldest of 15! and I raised 6! We were like kindred spririts and the world was good :)


  1. haha. i didnt know u had 10 kids. and she had 15. mashaAllah. thats crazy!

    what kind of project was this?

  2. Oh just something to keep them busy and good for them as an creative art project.

  3. heheee