Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learning Quran

Where I live there is nowhere to learn Quran for adults (I could drive out of town one way and get quran lessons for my kids but they refuse to take adults or drive in another direction and they teach arabic but not Quran), so I decided to try the 3 free lessons that are offered online by Quran Reading. First of all let me say I was very skeptical; its hard to teach an old dog new tricks as they say and I didn't think I could actually learn anything online. I wanted a real live teacher by my side and was really clinging to that idea. Then I read a book called Adaptability and they talked about how most of the people who died in Katrina (and this is just after I read Zeitoun,lol) were old people. The reason is because every hurricane that had ever come before in their lifetime had not been a big deal so they didn't leave. Whereas the young people had nothing to compare it to so they followed the instructions and left. So I thought to myself I better learn this lesson; its sink or swim! So I signed up and let me say I was very pleased! The teaching is excellent and I felt like I was learning so much in such a short time and the teacher was so nice and patient masha Allah and also a female as I requested. I highly recommend them. You can get weekend classes (8 0f them) for only $30 a month. If you want more there are other options. I also found this free option;Arabic reading and writing made easy, but without a teacher here and you get a certificate in the end. May Allah make it easy for all of us to learn Quran. Amin.

Update: after taking the course a little longer I realized that too many letter were being mispronounced so I dropped the course. Back to square one!


  1. Salaam!

    I love the new look of your blog! I haven't seen the blog in a while since i usually read your posts through google reader. Anyway, thanks for the link to the online courses! I just started the free course on the fiqh of marriage and will inshallah take the arabic one too! Thanks again

  2. WA alaikum Salaam

    Thanks masha Allah; my daughter helped me revamp. Fiqh of marriage eh? They have a dawah course too. My plate is full now though but its nice that something is free in this world. Thanks Bilal Phillips!

  3. As salaam alaikum,

    Jazakillah khayran for sharing. Do they teach with the correct pronounciation? Do you know if they have female tutors available in the evening?

  4. I think the female tutors are only in the morning but you could check but that was what I was told 6 am to 10 am est. For teacher I think was an urdu speaker I would guess based on her accent not an arabic speaker and I'm not sure if there are arabs or not but I know you can select another teacher. I found that tha sounded like za when she said it but my daughter said it sounds like that because its a hard sound. I don't know but my daughter took al-huda classes and she listened to the pronounciation and she approved.