Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Al Sharifa Discount

Spring is in the air and many are thinking ahead to holidays, summer and swimming. Well at least I am! Would you like to try to win an Islamic swimsuit? Or order one just in case? How about some new hijabs, skirts or tunics? Well you can have them and all at 10% off. Just type in the coupon code of SHOE10 during checkout to get the discount care of moi; Old Muslim Woman in the Shoe. Check out the site now. Be sure to check out their fabric video; they have the most amazing water repellent material. If you have questions just ask them, they are amazingly helpful!


  1. Oh why, why why did you have to post this???

    I'm in LOVE...I already have an Islamic Swim Suit (and get looks like I'm a fool but at least I can swim!)

    I am IN LOVE with those tops!! Oy!! Do I have to pay duties/taxes and super high shipping too???

  2. I love the Princess Tunic and Long Ethnic Kurti in Purple!! :)

  3. Asalaam alaikom!

    We try to keep costs low for our customers as far as duties and shipping. You can ship up to four tunics with us for only $11.25 plus you get the discount that the lovely Aisha has mentioned :D

    And Eva, those are two of my faves also, although I get new favorites almost every week lol!

  4. I should have said that is hte cost to ship to Canada, shipping is free within USA.