Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cabin Fever

I have cabin fever today. In fact its easy to get bored in a sleepy little town especially in the winter. When I felt like this on Sunday I went out of town to FabricLand (one of my favourites stores ever) to get some material. I could stay all day there if you let me. But I don't feel like driving that far. I just want to knock on someone's door and say hi can I come in for a coffee? Imagine if life were like that. You would never be bored making friends throughout the neighbourhood and beyond. When I was a kid and bored my mom would tell me go outside and find a new friend. Its easy when you are a kid but when you grow up they would just think you are stir crazy. So what do you do when you have cabin fever?


  1. I do that----knock on my neighbor's door. I think I owe big time for all the hospitality that I have received. My neighbors have kept me sane. I can't wait to get a little more organized, matronly, and have older kids so that it will be easier to have people over, especially drop in visits. In theory I like the open door policy, but my life is very messy.

  2. And your neighbours are not even muslim right? I wouldn't dare to do it. I don't even do it with my only muslim neighbour, but I did give her a call yesterday. You must live in a friendly place.