Monday, March 8, 2010

Walk in the 'woods'.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful so we went for a walk. I've already told all of you how deprived of nature this town is but next to the river is a little tiny woods that I always wonder if we are allowed to go into. The reason is, I never knew if it was gov't land or belonged to the guy who lives beside it. So yesterday I finally got the nerve to ask who owns it and if we can go there. The guy said we could but wouldn't tell if it was his land which is odd. However we did go into the 'woods' , dragging my stroller through the snow mind you and I felt such a peace just to be there. Burrs got stuck to me and we saw little red berries and walked over broken branches and through branches as well. I think I'll go back when its much better weather and maybe even have a picnic. Why not?

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