Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Challenge Day 7 - Last Supper

Everyone loved the supper last night and ate it. I make this all the time;lasagna, so its nothing new for them. The recipe for it is on the back of the box (ItalPasta). I used oven ready lasagna noodles to make life easier. Salad and texas toast completed the meal. 3 people had already had supper somewhere else though. Last night was the fundraising dinner for Haiti at the mosque and my second son and second daughter went to it and when dh went to pick them up he ended up eating there too. However the kids both ate again when they got home.

If there are any more entries for this challenge let me know as I will be picking the winner randomly and sending out the cookbook this week insha Allah. Some people were not ready for this challenge so I am offering another chance with the same rules and the same cookbook. Deadline is the end of the month. That should give everyone a chance.

For the article that inspired this challenge read here. I don't really think it accomplished what the author thinks it would. What do you think?


  1. masha'a'Allah first time to your blog. may Allah reward you ameen please, do stop by my blog. :))) The food looks delicious! masha'a'Allah.

  2. Masha Allah. Amin. I just checked out your blog. Sure are lots of converts living overseas eh? I wonder how they do it. I tried Malaysia but ended up coming back.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum!!!

    Hey there sis! So glad to see you took up the cooking at home masha Allah. But remember the part of the article that point out that you can't do one without the other inshaa Allha. You need to try and follow as many of the 'rekindling' rules as possible simultaneously so that there is a wholistic feeling 'giving' and 'goodness' in the home Inshaa Allah:p Your marriage should be surrounded by love in all aspects and all areas for this cooking challenge to work:p For example, if you dress unappealingly or nagg him (lol:p) throughout, before or after the meal, the meals will obviously have little or no effect:p

    I mean I'm not completely oblivious to the fact that husbands make us crazy sometimes and we find it hard to be nice 'all the time' when they really are 'hard headed' a lot of the time:p But when we start doing things not for a 'thank you' from them and rather we do it for the pleasure of Allah(swt) and for the ultimate blessing, it is then that we will start to see the reward as wives...as it will be an intrinsic reward rather than a material or extrinsic one:)

    Yours Truly,